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Bush Ethanol Policies Causing Mass Starvation!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Bush’s plan is destroying the world. it is causing starvation and food
riots. Stuff like this proves without a doubt that Bush is incarnate
evil. So much disaster comes from his policies like I have never seen of
anyone. This must be the Illuminati’s plan for population control by
causing starvation throughout this world. People are going to answer for
supporting this wickedness or turning a blind eye to it. How cold and
arrogant most americans must be to not care about the plight of others
all around the world. But that is okay because it is coming home to
roost. The wicked will not escape! The neocon media is also making light
of the children being torn from their families in this CPS raid. All the
fools can go right ahead and expose their wicked hearts. It will all go
against them on judgment day. There are wondrous things for those of us
who walk humbly before God. Those who are full of scorn and mockery,
like most all neocons, will be humbled when they have to stand before
God. It is the likes of these scornful neocons is what the book of Jude
refers to those who ignorantly blaspheme. It is a spirit of pride, and
we know where that leads to.

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