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The Sarah Palin Hypocrisy And Fraud

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

Palin contradicts herself in many areas. She says that she doesn’t
believe in global warming but says we have to do something about it.
Really? We have to do something about our natural cycles to which we
don’t impact, even though we are not responsible? The level of stupidity
and arrogance is beyond comprehension. The way such people go about this
makes them lose all cedibility. I have no problem with the idea of
looking for cleaner and more efficient energy alternatives, but enough
of all this self righteous nonsense and global warming lies. The global
warming hypocrites are some of the biggest polluters in the world. When
they actually practice what they preach then maybe I will listen, but
not until then. I hear a lot of things that may go down. It will be
interesting to see how it comes out. It sounds like both the candidacies
of both republican and democrat may come apart at the seams. They are
such losers still promoting their failed form of government. Both sides
have the lowest approval ratings ever. What fool has hopes of salvation
from both these loser parties when they can’t even save themselves? This
proves how false the religious right is. They are just selfrighteous
modern Pharisees that are lapdogs of wicked rulers. These neocon
hypocrite devils make a big deal about Obama’s “lipstick” comment about
Palin. Well she is the one who brought up about being a pitbull with
lipstick. These lying hypocrites try to use the sex card. What about all
these slandering hypocrites that have called Hillary every name under
the sun? They can’t take it when it backfires on them. Everyone one of
these hypocrites will burn in hell because they will be judged by the
measure they judged others. God has no favorites. I am like you in that
I cannot wait to see the reward of the wicked. There will be no liars
and hypocrites in heaven, Thank God!

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