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Most Church Leaders Are Anti-Christ Accomplices

Posted by soldierservant on January 29, 2008

This is correspondence from a ministry supporter angry over George W. Bush deceiving Christians at the March for Life.

Bush is so evil. So is the media. Right now they are having these marches protesting abortion. I used to want to attend, but now I don’t want to anymore. 1) If these people are so much against abortion, why haven’t they stopped it in all these years with all the money they have raised and the people have put in office? Like those Earthquake Kelly things you put on your blog, the real pro – life leaders are either dead or in jail. 2) The people who organize and lead those pro – life rallies are almost always Roman Catholic, or they are Billy Graham Paul Crouch evangelicals who support Rome. You go there and you see all of those nuns and priests … it is like marching with Satan hand in hand. Light cannot mix with darkness.

But this is another reason: these lying politicians that could actually stop abortion attend it. Best example: George W. Bush and his Republican friends. They could have long passed a law or an executive order stopping tax money from going to Planned Parenthood, and making it illegal for MediCaid to cover abortions. Do you know how many abortions that would stop?
But I just read a link where Bush told those pro – life marchers to be happy that the number of abortions is down. The link is below. But you know the real reason why abortion is down? 1) More young people are homosexual. Everyone knows it, but no one but this Atlanta talk radio host (he claims to be libertarian but hates Ron Paul, he also hates Christians and the poor) Neal Boortz talks about it. 2) RU486, the abortion pill! Women aren’t going to abortion clinics to kill their babies because they can do it with RU486! Now Bush has a part in 1) because as you know he and Dick Cheney promote homosexuality in the culture. But 2) is the main thing because THE GEORGE BUSH ADMINISTRATION’S FDA APPROVED RU486! THE REPUBLICANS WILL NOT EVEN PASS A LAW PROTECTING CHRISTIAN DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS FROM BEING FORCED TO PRESCRIBE IT AND GIVE IT TO PEOPLE!
So Bush is standing in front of those pro – life marchers, a lot of them sincere but they have their eyes blinded by the world (we need to pray that they allow God to open them!), taking credit for the fewer abortions, stringing them along with lies about more progress being made. The only “progress” is Bush leading more kids into the darkness of homosexuality and making it easier for women to commit murder by forcing Christian doctors and pharmacists to give them RU486.
And that makes you really wonder if these “Christian” news organizations are really Christian. Why? They continue to support Bush. They continue to support the Iraq War. They continue to lie and claim that the economy is good. And they won’t talk about how George Bush gives tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and approved RU486. Some Bushbots claim that Bill Clinton was the one who really approved RU486. While that is not false, the final decision was made with Bush in office, and also the Bush FDA could have rescinded the approval. The FDA does it all the time. But all the Bush FDA did was delay the final approval for a few months so these liars could claim to all the pro – life Christians that voted for Bush that they were actually trying to stop it. The Republicans didn’t even try to pass a law outlawing RU486. And Jay Sekulow doesn’t talk about it, he works for Pat Robertson and always asks for a bunch of money claiming he is fighting abortion in Washington. He doesn’t talk about the MediCare thing either. Even when people call into his show asking about it he lies to them and blows them off. And those “pro – life” groups that send you emails like the one you sent me, I bet they barely mention it if they do at all. If they do, it is to raise more money knowing that Bush and the Republican Party won’t stop it because they support it. They support it because it is part of the anti – Christ globalist agenda just like everything else.
This stuff makes me so sick. All we can do is keep trying to tell people the truth. And on Iraq, I read this letter on the Internet by this neocon foundation that they wrote to President Clinton in 1998 saying that he had to go to war with Iraq. The people who wrote that letter, Armitage, Bolton, Abrams, some other folk … they all received jobs at the U.N., in the State Department, at the Pentagon, and on the National Security Council under George W. Bush. These folks were planning on attacking Iraq years before September 11th. How could these people claim that it was about September 11th and Usama bin Laden when they were planning to attack Iraq in 1998? I even heard Rush Limbaugh back in 1999 and 2000 say that if George W. Bush got elected, he would attack Iraq in his first term, but not until after the 2002 elections. So all of this was out there, and yet and still all of these preachers, and not just the Pat Robertson types either, got up before their churches and told their members that they supported the Iraq War because of September 11th. I know that I was not the only one who reads the National Review and Weekly Standard and listening to Rush Limbaugh and knew it was all a lie, these preachers did too. The New York Times wrote an article about how so many preachers got their congregations to support the war. It is below too. Man, this anti – Christ stuff runs so deep. So many people being deceived.

This is my reply. 

There is no doubt that most church leaders are willing accomplices to
the antichrist. That is why I cannot stand church anymore. I would
really be lucky to find a good one. There are some good churches, I’m
sure, but are little ones scattered in obscure areas. When I am
financially able and can ever get control of my life I will try to find
a good church because I know the importance of unity and finding my true
brothers in Christ. Right now we lost a car that got totalled so there
is lack of transportation for me even if I could afford gas. This kind
of BS has been going on my whole life. A number of years ago I had a car
that I had finally paid off and as soon as I did it got totalled in an
accident. Ever since then I have never had a car of my own. Everything
has gone downhill from there. You are right about all these phony
pro-life organizations. I still get that FAITH AND ACTION and they go on
about their superficial (but non-effective) marches and claim that the
politicians will hear from them. That doesn’t mean that they will do
anything about it. These marches and protests have been going on forever
with no results. This shows the majority lack of intelligence that fall
for the same old lies like a dog returns to its vomit. Common sense
tells you that if you keep doing something and get nowhere with it then
it is not working. Just like some of these infomercials define insanity
as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different
results. Despite what liars like Bush says we are definitely in a
recession and will go into a depession if we continue this war. This war
is costing around a trillion dollars and is what is destroying our
economy. This proves how stupid the bushbots are. They are like a pack
of lemmings bent on their own destruction. These fools also know nothing
about history. Wars have destroyed past civilizations. It was the
downfall of Napolean. Why do people take the word of liars over their
own senses? This proves that most of the american people do not have a
mind. I guess it was drugs or something that everyone has become so
mindless. We have become a nation of braindead zombies. We are
witnessing THE GREAT APOSTACY right before our eyes. People’s love of
lies has made them extremely stupid. If we still had laws against
treason Bush would have been executed a long time ago. This nation is
self destructive and will get what it deserves. I am continuing to pray
for the best of outcomes but it will be up to others if they really want
truth. According to scripture it doesn’t look very favorable because of
the broad path that leads to destruction and in Revelation talks about
the devil deceiving the whole world as well as the GREAT APOSTACY. That
in itself indicates that it is not just a few but a whole lot that will
be easily led astray. In a way I do not feel sorry for these because
they will reap from their own wicked hearts and were probably never
saved to begin with. Those I feel sorry for are the heathens who are
disenfranchised by all these hypocrites that turn them from ever knowing
the truth. Jesus said that such as these would have been better to never
had been born. That is a powerful statement. It is no wonder that the
hypocrites will be judged more harshly than the unsaved because they do
the opposite of the GREAT COMMISSION by leading others away from the
truth. God will judge them for every soul that they are responsible for.
Can you imagine the tally of these false teachers? It will be
staggering. A country that thinks they are free are in bondage more than
anyone. America is bound up in pornography and drugs and so much else.
Most of all is bound up in lies because of their hatred for truth. I
heard one of these neocon shows and this one neocon always speaks with
hate in his voice (but this fool thinks it is macho or something) and
explained his hatred for Ron Paul. It is all about war. Not just
bloodthirsty warmonger but selfrighteous hypocrites. He was offended
that Ron Paul blames america for 9/11. This shows their hatred for
truth. Why don’t these neocons display the same hatred for the
evangelicals who also blamed america for 9/11? Like Falwell or Robertson
said was over abortion and homosexuality, to which of course they
retracted the statements because of pressure or political correctness,
or their idol Bush. True prophets don’t retract their words. With the
lawsuit that Michael Savage is in with CAIR he is planning to create a
lawfirm to counter the ACLU because ones like the ACLJ (Jay Sekulo) are
ineffective. I knew he had to be a fraud because I never hear anything
about him. He is not making an impact. I hope the best for Savage so a
heathen can bring shame on this pretender to expose him for what he is.
From what I read from Rev.18 about the fall of Babylon sounds an awful
lot like america. Self righteous hypocrites don’t want to acknowledge
our own evil and act like we can do no wrong. America will be judged on
everything all the more, because to much is given (and this country has
been given much) much is required. There will be judgment on how we
treated the natives, on slavery, on our secret societies, on our love of
lies. It is all coming home to roost and this nation will not ecape the
wrath of God. Like in Romans 11 that says if God did not spare the
natural branches how much more will He not spare us who are grafted on.
MERCILESS WILL RECEIVE NO MERCY! The only hope of any growing numbers in
the kingdom will come from the lost themselves that never knew the
truth. It is like a great switchover. It is like all those who you
thought were saved are lost and the lost will be saved. It seems only
the lost can realize what salvation really is because most of those
raised in a christian household and never backslide can’t really
appreciate what they have. That is why we are solid because we both know
what we have been saved from. Like Jesus said that those who are
forgiven much loves much. That means we appreciate Jesus more than
someone who has been a religious goody-two-shoes all their life can. It
is more the other way around. Like Jesus said that the pharisee were
whitewashed sepulchers that appear pretty on the outside, which proves
that appearances are deceiving. Religious charlatans focus more on the
outside than the inside which proves why they are so screwed up. Jesus
said to wash the inside of the cup an it will all be clean. I know I
have told you this before but it ever so relevant now. My brother had a
prophetic dream when he was young and of course we didn’t understand it
then, but I do now. He had a dream that most all the popular preachers
went to hell and the lost went to heaven. This is really not that hard
to get for those who are familiar with scripture because that ties in
with Jesus parable of the great banquet where all his guests refused to
show up because they were too busy (this represents professing
christians who are too in love with this world than Jesus) and then he
told his servants to gather the cripple and strangers to his banquet
(which represents the heathen) and that those who were invited will not
get in. So it sounds like there is no forgiveness for hypocrites, or
that hypocrites are not really able of repenting. There will be more
mercy for the lost than these vile hypocrites. I think my brother and
folks probably ignore that dream now. They will answer for for rejecting
prophecy not from me but from their own prophecy. These neocons are so
fake. Rush talks about Reagan but he never voted for him. You can see
lies in all these bozos and know they take after their true father the
devil. There is certain destruction coming on this world. I will get
back to you about this. I have heard some pretty unnerving stuff that I
want to check on first to see if I can verify and confirm what I’ve

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