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Economic fears give Obama lead

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

If any are the lesser of evils it seems that Obama is. However the
election comes out we will be better off without the republican crooks
in power. Even Clinton was nowhere near as bad as Bush on anything. They
say this financial meltdown couldn’t be worse if it was a terrorist
attack. Some say that there are many to blame but as Savage has said
that the buck stops with Bush. Amen to that! It is Bush that is
promoting this insanity. This goes along with his $48 billion for Africa
AIDS and funding terrorists. Just like I have said that Bush is a
terrorist president. He is the ultimate traitor and has violated his
oath of office to protect this country because he has done everything to
make us vunerable. Those who still support him expose their own vile
wicked rotten souls, may they burn in hell forever. I haven’t spoke to
my family yet about this meltdown but I can tell you that I know where
they stand. I am sure they are still behind Bush in all this. There is
nothing he can do to to change their mind. If that is not idolatry then
what is? Well, that can ony be expected when they do not accept truth
from the whitehouse own website where Bush denies Jesus as the only way.
That is why I say that those who still support Bush are damned because
they are denying Jesus along with him. So even such statement may seem
judgmental, but not really. Only simple truth of the bible.

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