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John Hagee Hypocritically Apologizing To Roman Catholics To Maintain Power

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

These hypocrites thought they could use Wright to bring down Obama, but
they are reaping what they sowed. Hagee is to McCain what Wright was to
Obama. The neocons don’t like it when it all backfires in their face. I
hope all the neocons come apart at the seams. They deserve liars like
Hagee. That fool doesn’t know what he believes. That coward will back
down whenever challenged. Christians actually look up to such a
spinelesss leader? Ones like him that act like they are tough and
authoritive prove how false they are. Why would anyone still follow such
a sniveling coward? Jesus never backed down or changed his mind or
apologized. This proves that these televangelist phonies do not serve
the true Jesus, but the sniveling coward Satan. That TBN is such a pure
sideshow. I can’t believe the foolishness I see on there. I seen Mark
Chironna on there talk about faithstew. I am like, “What in the world?”
There is no mention in the bible about faithstew. On his show it showed
someone on there stirring a pot of letters. I tell you, I almost died
laughing. I almost feel sorry for these fools because they run out of
ideas on how to swindle the naive that they end up lookng so ridiculous.
I think everyone on TBN is owned by them, and Hagee is just another
puppet of theirs dangling on their strings. They own his soul. All who
sellout Christ are whores and adulterers.

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