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Statue Of Liberty Is A Babylonian Goddess!

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

Even though this guy is in the newage I found it curious that he says
the statue of liberty is a babylonian goddess. I did not know that. The
way things seem to be does not surprise me much now. I know both of us
just a few years back would have said that he is crazy for saying such a
thing. Not so crazy now though. I have heard that it was supposedly the
mother of the french artist who made it, but apparently that was a lie
to cover up the truth. He has said that both parties are controlled by
the illuminati. He said that there was only one candidate that was not
one of theirs. I know you can guess who because he came to mind before
he came out and said it. NONE OTHER THAN RON PAUL! He is definitely the
one to vote for. I know they will try to do all in their power to keep
him out, but with God all things are possible. I tell you a good way to
test those around you. Ask what they think of Ron Paul and see what kind
of response you get. If you get the typical scoffing sneers then you
know they are of the devil. That is why my family is adamantly against
him. Those who cover for evil delght in evil and have no truth in them.
All the talk show hosts are pushing the masonic agenda. Even Michael
Savage has oppsed Ron Paul because he is not a warmonger. Savage is too
stupid to understand about this globalist agenda. In times past he did
not seem this bad,but he must be getting paid off by the illumnati or
something. Even at times he appears to oppose Bush but he will not touch
the truth with a ten foot pole. His fans are trying to convince him to
run but he would be a bad choice because he is given to divination like
the Reagans. He had some palm reading psychic on his show that
blasphemed by saying Jesus was an astrologer. I guess fools like this
try to use the “signs in the heavens” as a arguement for astrology.
There are all kinds of signs in the heavens that has nothing to do with
divination or astrology. If you see an asteroid approaching earth, that
has nothing to do with astrology. It is like fools will use anything and
everything to damn their own souls because of their hatred for Christ
and the truth!

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All Of The New World Order Information Right Here!

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is the one site that has numberous links of very powerful revealing
stuff. I don’t mean to load you down but I know time is short and have
to get the truth out. It is amazing. I even hear those in the newage
revealing these globalist agendas. I found that almost shocking because
I thought the newage would be one of the leading propagators of this. I
guess Satan can’t completely deceive everyone 100%, but still enough to
damn them though. I heard this David Icke (newager) talk about the
illuminati and their tactics, one of which is global warming propaganda.
I agreed with most he had to say except where he said that religion is
the source of racism and hatred. The only thing that would make someone
think that is seeing the example of Ann Coulter. But I found him bit
hypocritical because most of his ideas come from the Bible, like the
microchips/mark of the beast as well as refering to the nephilim of
scripture. Why can’t these people see their own folly by using the book
of the God they deny? If they don’t believe the God of the Bible then
why do these hypocrites bother with that reference? This is proof that
they know the truth but deny, having the form of godliness but denying
the power thereof. Some seem so close to the truth but yet can’t seem to
go all the way with it. Well, thank God we have some true christian
sources like CUTTING EDGE MINISTRY where it is 100% truth. One of these
articles exposes the HEAVEN ON EARTH deception as a modern TOWER OF
BABEL. I notice that they don’t push this churchism because they know
most churches are pawns of the antichrist that preach a BABYLONIAN
UTOPIA like these megachurch phonies. Praise God all these megachurch
phonies are being exposed left and right.

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