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Barack Obama Supporters A Cult? They Say The Same About Ron Paul!

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

I can’t really comment on Obama because I really don’t know much about
him. As far as the cult thing, they accuse Ron Paul supporters of the
same thing. That is why I don’t put too much stock in that, but I guess
you know more than I do about that. I have always been hearing that
McCain will get the republican nomination but that Hillary will get
general election. I think the wicked rich elitists are more behind
Hillary, just like the dynasties of the Bushs and Clintons. I am sure
that Obama probably is another globalist, but it seems there are
favorites among those who pull the strings. Who knows who gets the
popular vote since politics is corrupt beyond all measure. There is all
kinds of voter fraud going on like rigging the machines, especially now
with most of them being computerized is even much easier to cheat. Then
there are the votes of the illegals. Then there are those who vote more
than once, which I heard Ann Coulter is guilty of. Then some places use
dead people to vote. Then there is redistricting, which both sides are
guilty of. Then there is the scam of the electoral college in which the
unpopular candidate gets it. That doesn’t make any sense at all. It is
nothing but chaos. If I bother to vote at all it will be for the
constitution party, but is probably a waste of time and energy. The only
reason I may vote is so that nobody can say that I am not patriotic or
have no say in matters. I know that there is not enough people that see
things our way and even if they did, you know the popular vote can and
will get cheated. That is why this nation is headed for disaster. We are
breaking every commandment there is against lying, cheating, stealing,
killing, adultery, and even the sabbath is not kept holy because
imposters have took it over and has become a sacrelige unto itself. I
think the bushbots are the biggest cult because they swallow all his
crap so blindly and adore him as if he was Jesus himself. That is why I
say that those who so blindly follows him is idolatry in itself. There
is something seriously wrong for so many not to catch on to all the
obvious lies. After all the extreme constant betrayal from him and these
godless fools are so taken in by all his cheap tactics. Stupid rednecks
defend him over taxcuts. What does that matter when he is destroying the
currency itself? Either Bush is doing serious witchcraft are this nation
is full of the dumbest people around. Even other countries protect their
borders more than we do. In actuality I am sure most of these corrupt
politicians do some level of witchcraft, but not at the levels of Bush,
who literally gets away with murder. There are liberal sites that expose
Bush as not a christian, like about war. But of course they are
hypocrites because they are for abortion. This proves they are not the
answer either. This bozo still has the rest of the year and I will not
let up on him. I am going to expose Bush through Proverbs because it has
very powerful message against corruption. The godless fools that refuse
to read the bible are going to get a good dose of it through my
messages. They will know and have no excuse for ignorance. Just like
with my family. They are the most dedicated to this Bush cult and
neoconism. My brother was defending Mitt Romney, who he knows is false
because of his mormonism and sticks up for rich oppressors such as him.
He acts like everyone that is rich is guiltless. That attitude exposes
his own heart. This proves that the prosperity doctrines are a cult
themselves when they defy what Jesus taught about wealth. Well guess
what? We have just had another car conk out on us. They of course blame
it all on Satan attacking them but the truth of the matter is that these
cars are so old and long overdue. They have got so much mileage on them
I forget where they are at now. It is a miracle that they have lasted as
long as they have. Maybe it wasn’t Satan but God. They can never seem to
understand that they are bringing it on themselves. I just wish I didn’t
have to be stuck in the middle of this. It looks like I will have to
suffer with these fools unless a miracle happens.

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The Watchman Expositor: Assemblies of Yahweh Profile

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

This exposes the legalistic sabbatarians that deny the Holy Spirit and deity of Jesus. I have seen some of their sites and they are total liars. They only observe the old testament as their salvation which denies the sacrifice of Jesus, and yet claim they believe the new testament, which is a total contradiction because Jesus or Paul did not preach their legalistic lies. They are also full of their own inconsistencies. They claim that worshipping on a sunday is pagan worship. Not any more than worshipping on a saturday (Saturn’s Day) which is also named after a pagan god, just like every other day is.

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