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Republican Corruption At State And Local Levels!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is a great site exposing the republican corruption. The majority of
them are serious crimes like child rape of boys and girls from those who
tout “VALUES.” This proves how phony all this “values” crap is. This had
links in here connecting to the scandals brought up in this. So I will
have to look more into this myself. Well, we already knew of some such
as Mark Foley and few others but there are a whole lot more than what
was covered by the national news. And here these neocon liars tell us
how the mainstream media is biased against them when they are covering
up the evil of republicans. Well I hope you get around to blogging this
to expose these liars for what exactly the perverted monsters they are,
even for your own blog. I know this is coming from a democrat, but they
aren’t as hypocritical, pretending to have good moral values. Some of
the stuff brought out in this we do know of, like Schwarzenegger, who we
know is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion. This is proof that republicans
are going to hell for all the child rapists that they are and those who
support these monsters. Corrupt man us willing to turn a blind eye to
all the evil and corruption. God isn’t! The republican’s days are
numbered. They are all the more accountable for pretending to be the
opposite of what they actually are. I encourage you to spread this info
to all republicans you know as a warning of where they are headed if
they do not defect from this wicked evil party. This party is on the
level of Sodom and Gomorrah. Of course both parties actually are, but
republicans lie and pretend they are against it, which makes them more
dangerous to the gullible.

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Woe To Catholics And Those That Compromise With Them!

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

Catholicism has been the biggest promoter of
paganism and compromise. Yes, there are a bunch of other ungodly
doctrines and teachings but none so as prominent throughout the ages
that has deceived so many to eternal damnation. As you know that the
catholic church was the source of corruption of governments in the dark
ages. You may or may not know this but Jesse Duplantis originated from
catholic origins, which explains his spirit of compromise. When I heard
him a number of years ago he said he could go either way, meaning he
could be pentecostal or a catholic priest doing the ceremonies in latin.
He pretends to be a reformed catholic but his is proof right there that
he has never denounced or repented of that. In fact at that time he even
spoke against protestants. He acted like telling the truth was hateful.
I seriously doubt he has changed any since then. None of these arrogant
preachers do. If anything they only get worse. The only time they are
sorry is when they get exposed in a scandal, and then it is only because
they are sorry they were caught. I seriously doubt they truly repent. Of
course that is up to God to know for sure, but I sure wouldn’t take a
chance to be suckered by them. The Bible says only a dog goes back to
its vomit. But what is worse about catholicism than other false pagan
religions is the false legitimization of paganism by stamping Christ’s
name on it, which He has nothing to do with. Giving them this false
sense of security seems to trap them in these lies which they try to
justify. I read where voodoo rituals use the name of Christ, no doubt
that has come from catholicism. Not to mention all the false pagan
religions that incorporate black magic, which the Bible expressly
forbids as an abomination to God, such as the native american culture
with all their shamen and occultic charms. The catholic church’s evil
fruits are more than evident with all the homosexual pedophile priests.
I just recently heard in the news about a nun molesting children too.
They have a multitude of evil fruit. Only the catholic church has an
epistle of Judas. That is in essence what they are. An imposterous Judas
religion. Who in their right mind would take any stock in that false
book? Of course now they are deceiving pentecostals into thinking there
are pentecostal catholics. That is like saying pentecotal satanists. You
do not cling to a title of a false religion/denomination if you do not
believe like they do. If one does not believe like the catholic church
then they are not catholic. Anyone is a liar if they say they are
catholic but don’t believe like their church. It seems impossible to
reach those who have been corrupted by the catholic church. But of
course everyone will ultimately be responsible for themselves and most
seem to love lies more then truth. But woe to those like Jesse Duplantis
who condone and promote the catholic church that teaches these lies that
hopelessly damn multitudes without their ever knowing the truth. It
would have been better for the likes of Jesse to never had been born
because of all the souls he led astray. Jesus said woe to those who
would cause any of the little ones to sin. The Bible clearly warns
against those who love and practice falsehood. Light and darkness do not
mix. You cannot have Christ if you are doing any kind of forbidden
magic. You can repent of these but you cannot continue on in these and
still expect to be saved. Catholicism is directly responsible for
satanism. It is a laugh to think that catholics can exorcise demons when
they themselves are full of them. They do not get their exorcism rites
from the Bible. Jesus didn’t do any ceremonial exorcisms. He just said
DEMON BE GONE and they were gone. He also said that some only come out
through prayer and fasting, but he never indicated a ceremony. This is
why I am having serious doubts about Bob Larson because he seems to be
compromising with catholics. Is there anybody these days who isn’t
compromising with catholics? Just like in the classic story of THE THREE
MUSKETEERS it was the cardinal that was the evil villain of the story.
That story would not have gone over if there was no element of truth in

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