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Christians ARE Supposed To Judge

Posted by soldierservant on October 30, 2007

About judging 1Cor.5:12 says “ARE YOU NOT TO JUDGE THOSE INSIDE”. This indicates that we are to judge those within the body of Christ. 1Cor.6:2 says we will judge the world.1Cor.6:3 says we will judge angels. How could Paul have fought heretics without being judgmental? The only kind of judgment the Bible tells us to avoid is either hypocritical judgment, like the neocon bushbots that blame the dems for things Bush is
guilty of; or judging on trivial matters that doesn’t affect one’s salvation like mentioned in Col.2:16.

I get so sick of TBN everytime I come across it.They are so self righteous. They act like the worst thing a person could do is not attend church. They have nothing to say about
attending false churches. Those who fall away from God when they don’t attend church are not really saved because our salvation does not come from church, nor does anyone else’s faith save us either. Such a person is not grounded in God’s word and is why they can be deceived by any lying doctrine of church.

I get so sick of the lies that if you don’t attend church that you aren’t saved. Well I guess when my grandmother was dying and couldn’t make it to church she lost her salvation. That is a bunch of lies from the pit of hell. I have more conviction than most who
do attend church. Jesus is clear that he will spew the lukewarm church out of his mouth. I don’t hear many preachers teach that.

Or about how most of the church is fallen according to the seven churches in Revelation. Yet these liars continue to teach that church equals salvation. Yes, I do believe that if it is possible to assemble with like minded believers, but to get legalistic over it I don’t.

I haven’t really kept up too much with any of these famous preachers. They anger me so that I have to make a point on avoiding them so I don’t get caught up in a spirit of rage. I know you may think it is just spiritual anger but it can affect my flesh. Lets just say that
if I had high blood pressure they would be bad for my health.

My brother does the sound for his church occasionally. He doesn’t have any control
for the contracts, but I don’t think that would really matter to him anyway.

I believe that Jesse Duplantis is a charlatan. I have heard him mention that the native american people are a good godly people. Most of even those who claim to be saved mix their black magic withchristianity. They are about as New Age as anyone can get. They are into this MOTHER EARTH idolatry. Not to mention their occultic charms and
such. Jesse is promoting idolatry. Not only that but leaving these people to damnation by denying them truth. This is what the bible refers to as a coward and why it is clear that no such person will enter God’s kingdom.

I guess the only thing we can’t judge is that they can’t change, because all can repent. But we can judge that if they continue on in their lies without repentance they will not be saved. But we can’t just pretend that such people are alright because then we would be as bad as those who condone paganism. Paul said to expel the immoral brother! They have to be warned or else they may never know. Same thing with those who follow
these heresies.

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