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McClellan blames Bush for CIA leak deceit

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

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More Evidence That War On Terror Is A Fraud: CIA Panic Alerts To Keep People Distracted

Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

I find articles like this
amusing.I thought Bush has defeated the terrorists in this war on terror
the way the propaganda goes.I hear these phony Bush worshipping shows
that talk like our miltary has really defended us.Defend us from what?If
the enemy is over here and the CIA is worried about terrorist attacks
then our military hasn’t done squat for us.If anything we have them to
thank for the rapid spread of islam that is taking over the world.You
see how these fools have it all backwards?These idiots think they are
free but are in total bondage,like scripture right out of the bible.If
those who call themselves christians would read the Bible they would
realize how much of it applies to them and convict them to get right
with God.I guess americanism and bushism is the new american gospel.It
doesn’t matter what the bible says,only what Bush says.I find it so
hypocritical that they have these memorial services for the 9/11 victims
while not one word of all the victims of abortion.Most of the so called
christians buy into this idolatrous antichrist propaganda.I get really
fed up with all the talk shows,even the ones I thought were fairly
decent are now sounding like locksteppers.They are all a bunch of
godless unstable lunatics.Before that Michael Savage spoke out against
General Patraeous and now is defending him like a typical bushbot
would.This idiot speaks out of both sides of his mouth because he talks
about how the war is so terribly mismanaged but yet defends it.Of course
this fool is admittedly heathen so his doom is certain.I recently got
campaign mail from that Fred Thompson.He is a total phony.He says he is
strongly pro-life.Well apparently you can be pro-life but not
anti-abortion,they aren’t the same thing.It is just a watered down way
of saying they prefer life but will do nothing to stop death.This
hypocrite said that he would oppose an ammendment to the constitution
banning abortion.He is a sellout to greed.He must be getting paid off by
the abortion racket.Duncan Hunter is supposed to be strongly pro-life
but he seems more concerned about the war than stopping abortion.In
2KINGS 24:4 talks about King Manasseh shed so much innocent blood that
the Lord was not willing to forgive him.This is a constant lie we hear
from church that God will forgive all,no matter what.This scripture
proves that to be a false assumption.There is a point where someone sins
too much beyond the hope of God’s grace,trampling on it.They heap up
their own judgment for the day of wrath.I have heard liars on the pulpit
saying that Hitler could’ve gotten saved.After killing God’s chosen
people in a massive genocide I don’t think there would have been any
forgiveness for him.Just like there wasn’t for Haman.This proves the
false teachers sympathize more with the devil than they do with all the
suffering innocents.The bible has very strong words for such
people.Yes,even good kings like David slipped into sin at some point but
he did not continue on in sin.The Bible defined wicked kings as those
who continued on in their sins.This is how we know Bush is a wicked king
because he continues to sin unrepentedly and all the liars that pretend
to be christian eat up all his lies.Besides God would only have mercy
for those in sin who don’t know better,not for those who know
better,like Bush,who tries to use his false claim of being christian to
get away with everything.That is deliberate sin against God and
trampling on his grace.Those that continue to follow him because of that
are giving credit to his lies and partaking in his sin.Heathen dictators
would stand better chance of entering God’s kingdom than Bush would.That
Tommy Thompson,who was running in the 2008 presidential campaign but now
has dropped out,was a part of Bush’s cabinet and also involved in that
verichip program.That is the microchip that will become the mark of the
beast in the Great Tribulation.More of Bush’s fruit is showing. I know the
antichrist can’t come to power before his time but he is an illegitimate
bastard son of hell that will try to get in before his time and is our
duty to put him in his place.

CIA Director Says Al Qaida Has ‘High-Impact’
Terror Attacks Planned in U.S.

In a rare public address Friday in New York, CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden warned of new attacks by al-Qaida. “Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida’s central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U.S. homeland,” he said.  Read the Full Details — Go Here Now.

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