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FLDS Raid: State Interference With Religion That Will Lead To Anti – Christ

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Take a look at this. The state interfering with religion. This was what
our forefathers meant by separation of church and state. This is
remeniscent of Hitler taking children from families to re-educate them.
Where do they draw the line? If they do this with one religion they can
do this with another. I’m sure the dominionists have no problem with
this since they are of the same nazi spirit of Hitler, who also claimed
he was a christian and was doing his evil as though it was the will of
God. This worship of godless authorities destoyed the german churches
and the same thing will destroy american churches who are of the same
idolatrous spirit. Fools expect mercy from God all the while they are in
rebellioon to him? Mercy will only be for those who turn and repent of
such wickedness. People cannot hold on to this wickedness and expect
mercy from God.

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The Christian Right Just Doesn’t Get It

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

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Another powerful article from Chuck. It is more than them not just
getting it. A lot of them are imposters or have sold out to Satan for
greed. They worship the babylonian goddess Ishtar (STATUE OF LIBERTY).
If they were really of Christ they would know His word for His sheep
hears his voice. Jesus never preached retaliation or compromise. Who do
these lying phonies from hell like Pat Robertson think they are fooling?
Anyone that believe his lies do not know Christ. Such would not put up
with his blasphemy. Chuck talked about the PAGAN LEFT but we also have a
PAGAN RIGHT. A lot of professing christians are heartless ghouls that
are not reaching out to the outcast and downtrodden. They will get what
is coming to them. They are no different than the selfish pagans. Their
greed is obvious by the megachurch leaders they follow after that put
wealth before God Himself. God’s word says that He is not mocked, that
you will reap what you sow. Those who sow to corruption and the flesh
will reap destruction. The fact that Robertson endorses Giuliani,who
perpetuates the atrocity of abortion, proves what a heartless fiend he
is. These liars do not care about righteousness or justice or else they
would not turn a blind eye to the infinite evil of Bush. They are all a
bunch of godless cowards wetting their pants over Hillary. THEY ARE
ashamed of being such a little spineless sniveling wimp cowering like
they do. How can such expect to enter the kingdom of God? After all His
word says that the righteous are as bold as a lion. Anyone that is
cowering over Hillary is not RIGHTEOUS! They are hellbound cowards!
Truth is not afraid of lies, so why are these hypocrites in fear? It is
an admittance of their own guilt. Both Hillary and Bush are destined for
hell. But Bush will have it worse because of his hypocrisy and has led
churches astray. Jesus was very clear that hypocrites are assigned to
outer darknesss where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. The thing
of it is that even Giulani hasn’t made as much pretense as Bush has and
yet the religious phonies still accept him. There is absolutely no
excuse for that. This is the progression of sin as it is its nature to
continually get worse, like all the neocons. Hypocrites that push Romney
say religion doesn’t matter. Well I guess it would be alright for them
if we put a satanist in. That is who they really serve anyway but of
course wouldn’t admit it. Anything but Jesus is a distraction of Satan.
There is no equal to Jesus, not even the angels of which many fell to
follow Lucifer. If God does not spare the rebellious angels in heaven
what makes the hypocrites think they will get a pass?

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These are people I have known most of my life. They are my friends. I
have spoken at their gatherings and rallies, participated in their
discussions, and prayed with them. Of course, I’m talking about the
fine men and women who can be categorized as the Christian Right.

On the whole, we share the same values and principles. We are
pro-life; we stand for marriage as God defined it; we believe in the
right to keep and bear arms; we support capital punishment (albeit I
will be the first to admit that there are many inequities in the
application of capital punishment that desperately need to be
rectified); we believe children should have the right to pray in
school; we believe former Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore Jr. had
every right to post the Ten Commandments in the Rotunda of the Alabama
Supreme Court building, and before that, a plaque of the Ten
Commandments in his Circuit Court building in Gadsden; and we believe
in limited government.

In 1980 and 1984, I joined my friends in the Christian Right in
helping Ronald Reagan achieve two landslide victories. In fact, as the
Executive Director for the Florida Moral Majority, I helped my friend,
the late Jerry Falwell, register more than 50,000 evangelical voters
during those years.

In 2000 and 2004, my wife and I could not in good conscience vote for
G.W. Bush, so we cast an independent ballot those two elections.
However, there is no question that, to a great extent, it was the
Christian Right’s almost universal support for George W. Bush that
gave him two terms in the White House.

Unfortunately, it has been the Christian Right’s blind support for
President Bush in particular and the Republican Party in general that
has precipitated a glaring and perhaps fatal defect: the Christian
Right cannot, or will not, honestly face the real danger confronting
these United States. The reason for this blindness is due, in part, to
political partisanship or personal aggrandizement. Regardless, the
Christian Right is currently devoid of genuine sagacity. On the whole,
they fail to understand the issues that are critical to our
nation’s–and their own–survival.

Republican candidates have learned how to “talk the language.” They
know that Christians are basically compassionate and trusting people,
and therefore prone to being gullible and easily manipulated. They
know that Christians have short memories and are desperate to be
accepted at the king’s table (largely a result of the church-growth
movement and mega-church mentality).

It is at this point that much blame should be cast at the feet of the
leaders of the so-called Religious Right. They have proven themselves
to be much more interested in enriching their “ministries” (and
themselves in the process) than they are in standing uncompromisingly
for the truth. The infatuation with power and success has made them
weak and vulnerable.

As a result, George W. Bush and Karl Rove have made mincemeat out of
the Religious Right. They have shown everyone that once you win the
support of the Christian Right with rhetoric, you can get by with just
about anything. Christians are horrible at holding Republicans

Hence, neocon Republicans such as Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Mike
Huckabee, and even Rudy Giuliani are all currently receiving fractured
support from the Christian Right. However, you can mark this down: the
Christian Right (with few exceptions) will eventually coalesce around
whoever wins the Republican nomination–no matter who it is. You see,
it’s all about political partisanship. Principles are only something
we talk about during off-election years.

Sadly, this is what the Christian Right just doesn’t get: ninety
percent of the time, it doesn’t matter to a tinker’s dam whether a
Republican or Democrat wins the White House. Both parties are mostly
dominated and controlled by the same interests. Both major parties
carry water for Big Money conglomerates. Both parties are heavily
influenced by globalists and internationalists. Neither party has any
loyalty to the U.S. Constitution or the principles of liberty.

All the pro-life, pro-family, traditional-values, conservative talk is
just that: talk. Republicans use conservative rhetoric the same way
Democrats use liberal rhetoric. Neither party believes what they are
telling their constituents. They merely say what constituents want to
hear in order to get elected; after which, they set about to do what
their elitist, globalist manipulators tell them to do.

Accordingly, no matter which party wields power in Washington, D.C.,
nothing much changes. Oh, there might be a little variance here or
there, but the overall agenda of the globalists is undeterred. And the
Christian Right just doesn’t get it. They don’t see it. They have
swallowed the partisan line all the way to the gullet.

Let’s have a reality check here. The globalist-handlers running things
in Washington, D.C., for the most part, could not care less about
abortion or gay marriage, one way or the other. They will gladly give
their support to “pro-life” and “pro-family” candidates as quickly as
they will to “pro-choice” or “pro-gay marriage” candidates. As long as
the candidate will offer no resistance to their plans for global
government, they could not care less about his or her position on
social issues. And, once again, the Christian Right just doesn’t get

Somewhere down the line, the Christian Right has lost track of the
importance of constitutional government. They have forgotten (or never
learned) the principles of liberty. Sadly, the Christian Right has
allowed The Bill of Rights to become an antiquated and incidental
document with no importance whatsoever to them.

Beyond that, in many respects, the Christian Right has become as
totalitarian in philosophy as many of the Pagan Left. One should
understand that the extremes of both left and right end up at the same
place: tyranny.

Take a conservative rightwinger to the extreme and one ends up with
Adolf Hitler. Take a liberal leftwinger to the extreme and one ends up
with Joseph Stalin. So, which is worse? It is hardly worth arguing
about. Tyranny is tyranny regardless of the label of the one
exercising it.

So what if the Democrats hate the Republicans and the Republicans hate
the Democrats (the Nazis hated the Bolsheviks and vice versa). If both
parties are dismantling constitutional government and stealing
personal liberties, they are equally dangerous. And that is exactly
where we are today. On the whole, Republicans are just as dangerous as
Democrats. In fact, more constitutional freedoms have been lost under
George W. Bush than any President (including Democrats) in modern

And remember, this report is five years old.)

Have you wondered why Mike Huckabee is suddenly getting so much
favorable attention from the mainstream media (who themselves are
controlled by this gaggle of global elite)? To find the answer as to
why a professing pro-life, conservative Christian would suddenly
become the darling of the media, look no further than the fact that
just a couple of months ago, Mr. Huckabee appeared before the
globalist-minded Council on Foreign Relations. (Read his speech here: ) And when he did, it became
abundantly clear that Huckabee was a man globalists could trust.

By the way, as you read Huckabee’s speech, you will find that he is
George W. Bush on steroids! This is a man who intends to meddle in the
affairs of nations around the world like you can’t believe. Talk about
entangling alliances: Huckabee intends for our State, Energy, Housing,
Education, Justice, Treasury, and Transportation departments to spend
untold billions of tax dollars on just about anything and everything,
including schools, medical facilities, roads, sewage treatment, water
filtration, electricity, and legal and banking systems in countries
all over the globe. And that is exactly the kind of man the Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR) wants in Washington.

Make no mistake about it: the CFR has dominated every administration,
Republican and Democrat, since World War II. They hold sway over most
every critical Presidential appointment. Look carefully and one will
discover that the Republican President George W. Bush has had as many
CFR members in his administration as Democrat President Bill Clinton
did in his. The last time I counted, President Bush had nearly 200
members of the CFR in his administration.

Remember that the total number of CFR members is less than 5,000.  Can
one imagine what people would think if, say, the old Christian
Coalition, which at one time numbered in the hundreds of thousands,
had nearly 200 members in any one administration? Talk about
conjectures of a conspiracy: the media would go ballistic. Yet, each
and every administration, regardless of party, continues to fill their
ranks with members of the CFR, and with those friendly with the CFR,
and no one seems to notice. Do you now understand why nothing changes
no matter which party wins the White House?

Now consider the current presidential candidates who are also members
of the CFR. These include Christopher Dodd, Bill Richardson, John
McCain, and Fred Thompson. Hillary is not a member of the CFR, but her
husband, Bill, is. Plus, she has a plethora of advisors who are CFR
members. And even though Mike Huckabee is not on this list (neither is
George W. Bush), it is obvious that he will carry water for them in
much the same way as the current President has done. Barack Obama has
spoken at least once for the CFR. John Edwards has appeared before the
CFR several times. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney both wrote for the
CFR and have numerous advisors who are CFR members, as do Edwards and

This also explains why independent-minded candidates such as Ron Paul
are forever cast in terms such as “fringe,” or “extremist,” or
“nutty.” The same CFR elite that controls the Washington political
establishment also controls the New York media and financial
establishments. And they hate outsiders! Of course, outsiders are
those who do not share the globalist, utopian, New World Order
machinations of the CFR.

Until the American people–and especially people within the Christian
Right–begin to awaken to what is really going on, nothing will
change. Absolutely nothing. As one person said, “The height of
absurdity is to continue to vote for the same thing and expect a
different result.”

A vote for just about every major presidential candidate from either
party is a vote for more of the same thing. Of the Presidential
candidates in serious contention, Ron Paul, and Ron Paul alone, stands
for change. Ron Paul, alone, would truly obey his oath to the
Constitution and would work to restore freedom and liberty to the
American people. Ron Paul, alone, would kick the globalist elite out
of power in Washington, D.C., and restore this country to
constitutional governance.

But, once again, the Christian Right just doesn’t get it. So, they
will continue to support establishment, CFR-backed, globalist
candidates who will, in turn, continue to do the bidding of the
international elite.

One would think that Christians–more than anyone else–would
understand the devilish nature of globalism. One would think that
their study of the Sacred Text would lead them to resist any attempts
at building modern-day Towers of Babel. One would think that
Christians would love liberty enough to recognize its enemies. One
would think that they would recognize that Washington, D.C., is a far
greater threat to their freedom than either Baghdad or Tehran. But,
alas, the Christian Right just doesn’t get it.

That is the difference between the Christian Right today and the
Christians of 1776. They understood that “when a long train of abuses
and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a DESIGN
[emphasis added] to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their
right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide
new Guards for their future Security.” (Declaration of Independence)

When the Christian Right finally awakens to the “Design” behind the
“long train of abuses and usurpations,” they will then be able to
“throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future
Security.” But, alas, these people I love and am pleased to call
friends, the good people of the Christian Right: they just don’t get

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Pro-Life Candidates Should Put Up Or Shut Up

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

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Please consider this scenario. Several youngsters are drowning in a
neighborhood lake. They are thrashing the water and crying out for
help. There is a large, heavy raft nearby that could be used to rescue
the drowning youths, but it would take several people to haul it into
the water and then row it out to the victims.

Now, as it happens, there are more than enough people standing around
the lake whose combined efforts would be more than adequate to rescue
the drowning young people. Instead of grabbing the life raft and
heading out to save the victims, however, they all start making

One by one, the would-be rescuers holler out that they believe in
life; they believe in saving the lives of the drowning young people.
They are all “pro-life.” The only problem is, none of them grabs the
raft and actually attempts to save the victims. So, here is the
sixty-four million dollar question: are these people really
“pro-life”? Do they really want to save the victims, or are they
simply pro-life pretenders who only want to talk about saving lives
but not actually do anything about it?

There is no one reading this column who would accept the pro-life
rhetoric of the people around the lake as justification for not
grabbing the life raft and actually saving the lives of those who were
drowning. Then, why do “pro-life” conservatives accept the rhetoric of
Republican politicians when there is no action to back it up?

If Mitt Romney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee are
truly “pro-life,” they need to do more than just talk. They need to
put up or shut up!

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t take some magical Supreme Court
appointment to overturn Roe v. Wade and end abortion-on-demand. If all
the Republicans who keep telling us that they are “pro-life”
(including President George W. Bush) were really pro-life, then why,
in spite of having had ample time and opportunity to end the abortion
holocaust, have they not done so?

In fact, the GOP has controlled the U.S. Supreme Court since the
infamous Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion-on-demand was
handed down in 1973. That means GOP appointments have dominated the
Court for over thirty years, and yet abortion-on-demand is still the
law of the land.

Beyond that, for six years (2000-2006), “pro-life” Republicans
controlled the entire federal government. And, for six years, millions
of unborn babies cried their silent screams as the abortionists’
scalpels ripped their little bodies apart in abortuaries throughout
America. And to use my opening analogy, all these “pro-life”
Republicans did was stand by the side of the lake and talk “pro-life,”
while the youngsters drowned in front of their eyes. During all this
time, the life raft sat unused on the shore.

Dear reader, the life raft for the millions of unborn babies
victimized by abortion-on-demand is the U.S. Constitution. However, we
have a bunch of arrogant and conceited imbeciles in Washington, D.C.,
who have neither the smarts nor guts to use this wonderful life raft.
It seems that the vast majority of them have absolutely no knowledge
of the Constitution–even though each and every one of them takes an
oath to preserve, protect, and defend it.

The only presidential candidate who has a commitment to saving the
lives of unborn babies and who understands the constitutional
authority of Congress to end abortion-on-demand is Texas Congressman
Ron Paul (with the exception of Alan Keyes, who recently announced his
candidacy). You read it right. At this point, John McCain is all talk;
Mitt Romney is all talk; Fred Thompson is all talk. And even Mike
Huckabee is all talk.

Huckabee says that when he was Governor of Arkansas he required
parental notification for abortions, required a woman give informed
consent before having an abortion, and required a woman be told that
her baby would experience pain and be given the option of anesthesia
for her baby. (Source: Mike Huckabee’s website) While this is
commendable, none of Huckabee’s actions did anything to actually end

When it comes to ending abortion-on-demand and overturning Roe v.
Wade, the only thing Mike Huckabee (and the rest of the Republican
presidential candidates, save Ron Paul and Alan Keyes) will say is
that they will appoint the right judges, as if they have no power as
President to do anything else. (Good grief! Even Rudy Giuliani says as
much.) My friends, these “pro-life” Republicans are either woefully
ignorant themselves or they are pulling the proverbial wool over our

Ron Paul seems to be the only presidential candidate who understands
that under Article. III. Section. 2., the Constitution gives to the
Congress of the United States the power to hold rogue courts in check
and to overturn outlandish rulings such as Roe v. Wade.

Accordingly, Ron Paul has introduced and reintroduced the Sanctity of
Life Act (including in the current Congress). If passed, this Bill
would recognize the personhood of all unborn babies by declaring that
“human life shall be deemed to exist from conception.” The Bill also
recognizes the authority of each State to protect the lives of unborn
children. In addition, this Bill would remove abortion from the
jurisdiction of the Court, thereby nullifying the Roe v. Wade
decision. The Bill would also deny funding for abortion providers. In
plain language, the Bill would overturn Roe v. Wade and end

Is it not more than interesting that “pro-life” President George W.
Bush, along with the “pro-life” Republican Party leadership of both
houses of Congress, refused–and continues to refuse–to support Ron
Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act? In addition, not a single “pro-life”
presidential candidate outside of Ron Paul has even bothered to
mention the Sanctity of Life Act, much less aggressively call for its
implementation with a promise that, if elected President, he would
sign it into law. Not Huckabee; not McCain; not Thompson; not Romney;
none of them!

Why did John McCain not introduce Dr. Paul’s Sanctity of Life bill in
the U.S. Senate? Why have Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Fred
Thompson not committed to use the power of the bully pulpit of the
White House to push Congress to implement this Act? Again, either
these men are ignorant of their constitutional duties and
responsibilities (in which case, they are unqualified for the office
of President) or they are not truly serious about overturning Roe v.
Wade and ending abortion-on-demand (in which case, they are
conservative phonies and frauds).

I say again, it is time for “pro-life” Republicans to put up or shut

Beyond that, it is time for Christian conservatives to stop being so
gullible. We need to start looking beyond eloquent rhetoric and
campaign clichés. We need to begin demanding results.

Every four years, Republicans trot out a conservative façade during an
election season for the purpose of obtaining the votes of susceptible
Christians. And every four years, conservative Christians–like
starving catfish–take the bait: hook, line, and sinker.

“Save us from the monster,” seems to be the cry of well-meaning–but
easily manipulated–conservatives. The “monster” is whoever the
Democrats nominate, of course. But, ladies and gentlemen, the
Republican Party has done absolutely nothing to change the course of
the country. Nothing! In fact, it has only gotten worse with
Republicans in charge.

Ron Paul is the only candidate running against the status quo. He is
the only candidate who takes his oath to the Constitution seriously.
He is the only candidate who, if elected, would actually turn the
country around. A Ron Paul victory would launch a new American
revolution: a revolution of freedom and independence such as we have
not seen since 1776. Furthermore, among the major Republican
presidential contenders, Ron Paul is the only candidate whose pro-life
commitment extends beyond rhetoric.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

PS. One further note regarding Mike Huckabee. He will not win the GOP
nomination, but what he will do is wind up endorsing (or perhaps even
being selected as the Vice Presidential candidate) whichever
Republican candidate wins the nomination–even if he is a pro-abortion
candidate. Thus, he will fulfill his role in this election: to bring
Christian conservatives into the Republican fold, even without a
commitment to the life issue by their standard-bearer. In other words,
Huckabee is the establishment’s guy to make sure that the Christian
conservatives stay “in line.”

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More Reasons To Beware Of Mike Huckabee

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

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Many Christian conservatives see Mike Huckabee as the best candidate
to deliver the GOP from an impending pro-abortion presidential
nomination of either Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney. Huckabee is doing
especially well in Iowa, particularly among evangelicals. Is Mike
Huckabee worthy of this support, however? The facts say no.

I have already attempted to warn my evangelical brethren as to the
dangers of supporting Mike Huckabee. See
However, that first column was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Here are more reasons to beware of Mike Huckabee.

Robert Novak recently wrote a column about Mike Huckabee entitled,
“The False Conservative.” In the column he said, “Huckabee is
campaigning as a conservative, but serious Republicans know that he is
a high-tax, protectionist, big-government advocate of a strong hand in
the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans.”

Novak also said, “There is no doubt about Huckabee’s record during a
decade in Little Rock as governor. . . He increased the Arkansas tax
burden by 47 percent, boosting the levies on gasoline and cigarettes.”

Novak continued saying, “Quin Hillyer, a former Arkansas journalist
writing in the conservative American Spectator, called Huckabee ‘a guy
with a thin skin, a nasty vindictive streak.’ Huckabee’s retort was to
attack Hillyer’s journalistic procedures, fitting a mean-spirited
image when he responds to conservative criticism.”

Calling Huckabee a proponent of big-government is an understatement.
“If you listen closely, all the things he supports increase the size,
power and cost of government. From subsidies for energy research to
increasing money for health care and government housing, the size,
power, and cost of government will not shrink under a President Mike
Huckabee; they will increase . . . Mr. Huckabee swore an oath to
support and defend the Constitution when he became governor, yet many
of his proposals are clearly unconstitutional.” (Source: David Ulrich,
Letter of the Week, World Net Daily, 10/26/07)

In addition, Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that “Financial inducements
arranged by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to establish a Mexican
consular office in Little Rock may have violated state law, according
to an Arkansas attorney.”

Writing for World Net Daily, Dr. Corsi exposed the fact that Mike
Huckabee “worked with some of the state’s most prominent and
politically powerful businesses to establish the [Mexican] consulate
as a magnet for drawing illegal immigrants to the state to accept
low-paying jobs.”

Corsi goes on to report that “Arkansas attorney Chip Sexton provided
WND a written legal brief arguing the state government’s sublease to
Mexico of office space for the consulate was illegal under Arkansas
law. Sexton contended the deal raised questions about the
appropriateness of private citizens and corporations in Arkansas
providing financial incentives for the government of Mexico to locate
a consulate office in Little Rock.”

Corsi also writes that “Robert Trevino, commissioner of Arkansas
Rehabilitation Services, told WND he and Huckabee helped arrange state
and private financial support to induce Mexico to establish the
consulate as a business development ‘quid pro quo.’

“Trevino signed on July 7, 2006, a ‘Facilities Use Agreement’ with
Mexican consular officials to rent state government office space for
$1 a year on the second floor of the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
building at 26 Corporate Hills in Little Rock.”

According to Sexton, not only did subleasing state government offices
to Mexico violate Arkansas state law under Ark. Code Ann.
22-2-114(C)(i) which provides: “After July 1, 1975, no state agency
shall enter into or renew or otherwise negotiate a lease between
itself as lessor or lessee and a nongovernmental or other government
lessor or lessee,” but it was even more offensive in that “there was
nothing in the lease or other agreements that would have prevented the
Mexican consulate from providing legal assistance to illegal aliens.”

In addition, Corsi also exposed the fact that Mike Huckabee worked
with Mexican President Vicente Fox to help provide cheap Mexican labor
for Tyson foods and other large Arkansas corporations. According to
Corsi, “Trevino confirmed he was state director of the League of
United Latin American Citizens, also known as LULAC, an activist group
strongly advocating for the rights of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S.,
when on Oct. 3, 2003, he accompanied Huckabee in a state airplane to
visit [President Vicente] Fox in Mexico.”

There is more.

The American Spectator reported that “Fourteen times, the ethics
commission–a respected body, not a partisan witch-hunt
group–investigated claims against Huckabee. Five of those times, it
officially reprimanded him. And as only MSNBC among the big national
media has reported at an real length, there were lots of other
mini-scandals and embarrassments along the way.”

Plus, writing for The Washington Times, Greg Pierce quoted Hillyer as
saying, “[Huckabee] used public money for family restaurant meals,
boat expenses, and other personal uses. He tried to claim as his own
some $70,000 of furniture donated to the governor’s mansion. He
repeatedly, and obstinately, against the pleadings even from
conservative columnists and editorials, refused to divulge the names
of donors to a ‘charitable’ organization he set up while lieutenant
governor–an outfit whose main charitable purpose seemed to be to pay
Huckabee to make speeches. Then, as a kicker, he misreported the
income itself from the suspicious ‘charity.'”

Mike Huckabee’s beliefs and actions even border on the bizarre.
According to David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union,
“GOP presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee suggested that as president he
would, for the good of the people, support a federal anti-smoking law.
You see, as governor, Huckabee supported such laws because, well, he
doesn’t like smoking and doesn’t think folks should indulge in so
heath-threatening an activity. If he could move on up to the
presidency, he would continue his abolitionist crusade at the national
level without giving much, if any, thought to the question of whether
the Constitution or anything else would legitimize a federal ban on

I have yet one more word of warning for those evangelicals supporting
Huckabee because he is pro-life: Mike Huckabee will most definitely
support Rudy Giuliani should Giuliani obtain the Republican
nomination. Count on it.

I ask you, how could a committed “pro-life” conservative support a
pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control liberal such as Rudy
Giuliani? He couldn’t.

At the end of the day, however, there is absolutely no question that
Huckabee will support Giuliani (or any other pro-abortion Republican),
because, when all is said and done, Huckabee and his fellow
big-government Republicans have no real commitment to the life issue
or to any other conservative principle.

Let’s say it plainly: Mike Huckabee is just another big-government,
establishment politician who will do nothing to stem the tide of
socialism or fascism (pick your poison) emanating from Washington,
D.C., these days.

Dear Christian friend, don’t be duped by Mike Huckabee.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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On Hypocritical Self Righteous Preachers And Right Wingers

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

The thing with these preachers is all their hypocritical
selfrighteousness.They accuse anybody that argues or debates as hatred
for their brother.Well if that is the case Jesus was wrong when he
argued with the pharisees.Or when Paul argued with Peter.This is how
they try to keep everyone silent on speaking out for the truth because
they keep everybody in fear that they will be a hatemonger or strife
sower if they take a righteous stand for truth.That was the very same
tactics that fallen Israel used against the true prophets of God.These
modern preachers would have been for the stoning of the prophets because
they prove they are of the same wicked spirit of those who did kill
them.These modern times are an exact parrallel to the times of the
prophets.Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it and
is why we are repeating it now.It was the false prophets that promoted
this positivity doctrine that is almost all you hear now.And just like
then there was much wrong that people denied just like now.They trusted
the arm of the flesh,like their military might,over God.They were
engaged in political corruption that is so prevalent now.Ancient Israel
had the arrogant assumption that since they were God’s chosen people
they could do whatever they wanted and get away with it.Sound
familiar?It is just like the americanism crap of today that the people
are arrogant because of our alledged goodness and can do whatever we
want and not get judged for it.Well if God’s word says that man’s
righteousness are as filthy rags then that nullifies their stance of our
innocence.I even hear secular rock bands talk about loss of innocence.IF
more common sense than most who think they are saved.The false unity and
passifism that these preachers promote is the very lukewarmness that
Jesus condemned in Revelation.It is clear where these false teachers are
headed.Only the truth will set people free,not watered down lies.All my
arguements with my family were out of love to try to save them from
lies.If I was full of hate I wouldn’t’ve even bother with them and let
them be damned.Jesus spoke of those who hate their brother as
murderers.Well who is my brother?The Bible is clear that it is those who
do the will of the Father.Those who don’t are not my brother.The Bible
doesn’t condemn all hatred because there are things God hates.He is
against those who hate for no reason and said it is those that are in
danger of hellfire.Who are the ones that hate for no reason?The
lockstepping bushbots are a perfect example of that.Anyone that exposes
his evil they show so much vile hatred for.Whenever I brung out facts
about Bush it was my family that took it personally and attacked
me,showing that they are the ones full of hate.I know I am not perfect
and struggle with anger and is why I worry a little about my messages if
any fleshly anger comes out in them because I can be pretty harsh at
times.But at least I am honest about it just like you are honest about
your shortcomings.It was funny when I watched Jack Van Impe talk about
the 7 woes to the pharisees from Jesus.It was as if he didn’t even know
what he was talking about.He just said that it was some strong
preaching.He couldn’t relate by giving any examples.He proves his
ignorance and that he really doesn’t know God.Those that know christ
will understand his words.He constantly takes scriptures out of
context.Like where the Bible talked about people not repenting of their
sorceries he said it was drugs.No,sorcery is sorcery.This right here
proves what dangerous grounds he is on by contradicting the bible.Drugs
would be in with drunkeness because it is all the same,substance
abuse.The Bible is clear that God will destroy those who destroy his
temple (our bodies).There is proof of rampant sorcery because our
government is steeped in it.So when these phonies that claim Christ go
along with this government they are going along with sorcerers.I don’t
know if you have heard but our space program NASA is deep into the
occult.Well the Bible says that Satan is the prince of the power of the
air.It makes you think that they know these aliens are demons and are
conspiring with them.It may be the government itself that is conjuring
UFOs.Phonies like John Hagee say our money has jewish symbol on it.He
said it was a star of David.While it does have the outline of a
hexagram,it is not like any star of David I have ever seen.It is not the
same one that is on Israel’s flag.In fact the occult uses hexagrams.Why
can’t he say it is an occultic symbol or refer to other occultic symbols
on there?The pyramid with the all seeing eye above it is a masonic
symbol of Lucifer that this government worships.Anyone that knows
history knows that Egypt was a pagan society and would stand to reason
that their structures,like pyramids,would be of the same influence.There
is also a demonic latin phrase on the american dollar bill.All these
lying preachers cover up these facts which means they are indeed working
for Satan.Those who don’t oppose Satan or his servants are on the same
side.They go along with this demonic system and on top of it all they
call it good and of God,which is blasphemy.Jesus strongly condemned
those who called evil,good and good,evil.You see that he is a deliberate
liar.He pretends to be on the side of Israel but yet doesn’t believe in
reaching them for Christ.I heard that Rush and Hannity were invited to
the whitehouse.That is proof that they are lapdogs of Bush.Of course we
know where they are going because the Bible says where dogs go (type of
person).The world accepts their own.I hear the likes of Hannity scorning
those who point out the pro-abortion stance of most of the republican
candidates.This proves what a vile phony he is.I would count it an
insult if Bush invited me to the whitehouse to be numbered along with
the homosexuals and terrorists he has invited over the years.I would
never be able to live it down.Bush has been confronted about the north
american union to which of course he denied as a conspiracy.No,he is the
conspirator.Why does he have to have secret meetings if it is
innocent?All evildoers do their dirty deeds in secret because they are
cowards.You don’t actually expect a liar to come out and tell the truth
about their own lies.There are those that have studied how communism
came about in other parts of the world discover that it is identical to
what is going on now.The European Union started the same way under the
guise of benevolent innocence.Of course,Satan comes as an angel of
light.There would be no support from the masses if they knew they were
bringing a monster into power.That is why cowards have to resort to
deception.We know we are very near the end the way or monetary system
will collapse at any moment.

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Should Christians Use The Court System?

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

About settling legal matters the scriptures is refering to true brothers
in christ,not charlatons pretending to be christian,which is the case of
those scammers.If anything we are to expose them for what they are or
are not. Paul tells us to expose the deeds of darkness.If you know of any
such person you should alert the authorities or go to a media station
with it to expose them on the news.That is what they are there for.At
least the local news sources.Jesus said that the pharisees were
devourers of widow’s houses.That means they were the scammers of their
time that preyed upon the poor.Such people need to be publically exposed
and humiliated and then taken to court.Some people are so messed up in
this kind of thinking.A number of years ago there was a religious woman
that thought it was wrong to sue for any reason.That is not what the
Bible says.Nowhere does it say you can’t take an unbeliever to court.But
the scriptures just use common sense.Like in most cases,like say some
sort of accident it is better to settle out of court.This does not apply
to those who do deliberate evil.And the reason why the scriptuires said
for beievers to avoid lawsuites is mainly because of the bad image it
brings of believers fighting with each other.It by no means is
dismissing frauds.If people would just read the whole word of God they
could understand this.

About this whole discernment thing should be the
very basics for every believer.This doesn’t go to anyone special.I am
not special by any means.I am just doing what is required of all
believers.That seems to make me a genius among a bunch of morons that
can’t discern God’s word from Satan.It is not that I am so gifted or
anything else.It is that everyone is out of touch with God and His
word.I am greatly dissappointed at all the gullible souless fools out
there.I desire to find someone beyond my level of spirituality in order
to help me.But it seems as though it’ll just have to be the Holy Spirit
himself,since it is Him that has kept me from all these frauds
throughout the years.Just read God’s word.It gives us all the answers
right there.It tells us how to judge by fruits,and so on.That is why I
can’t understand people that are so easily deceived.It is as if they
don’t really care about truth.All they seem to care about is selfishness
and how they can twist God’s word for their own selfishness.I thought
for sure you of all people understood this.It is a two way street,a
double edged sword.Not only can you discern things through God’s spirit
but also you will be discerned by others because the demons in the
worldy people will discern the Holy Spirit in you.That is why the
scripture says that the world accept their own but hate Christ.Any
believer that is not hated doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in their life
and those are in danger of any number of deceptions.If you have the Holy
Spirit the you have a guide.Those who are in fear do not have the Holy
Spirit because fear is a lack of trust in God,which is a sin.I guess it
really is  matter of the heart.If your heart is true and desire the
truth you won’t fall for deception.I have aways prayed that God keep me
in truth and so far has not let me down.God is no respecter of
persons.What God does for me He will do for another,but that choice is
up the individual.God will not force Himself on you.So if you are not
seeking God then you will not find Him.It is plain and simple as that.

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