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The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Bush Family Oligarchy

Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

This talks about how Hitler used propaganda for religious purposes much like
what is going on now. This exposes the falseness of revivals, or a grand
revival, since it contradicts the very words of Jesus. This is how you
can tell who really loves Jesus by if they listen to His words or not. I
really get so sick of this watered down newage gospel that focuses on
just being nice (which even heathens teach), while forsaking the truth
of scripture. God hasn’t called us to be nice. Jesus wasn’t always nice.
Of course we are to be polite and respectful but that doesn’t mean we
are to be afraid of offending anyone with the truth. Those who are
ashamed of the truth will be put to shame. I thank God so much that we
are not under the mind control that seems to affect most of the church.
Of course it is more of a spiritual issue. If the majority of the church
read the bible they would be vigilant and know what we know. All the
pastors that go along with this evil will be judged like none other. The
hypocrites are so predictable. If you was to put this up on your blog
there would probably be some fool to try to dispute it. It shows you
what spirit they are under. If Paul had so much warnings against
heretics and false prophets then why do most ignore that advice? Most of
these people act like such do not exist and if they do then accuse us in
their warped thinking. Those who really read the bible will not have
warped thinking because His word renews our minds. Who are these
arrogant imposters to ignore the advice from Jesus himself, who warned
against the leaven of the Pharisees, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and of
false christs? Such show contempt for Christ and will be dealt with

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