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Bob Dole Attacks Scott McClellan? What A Hypocrite!

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This is more on that book McClellan came out with exposing Washington’s
corruption. Notice the hypocrisy from the likes of Bob Dole (Mr. Viagra)
that calls McClellan a “miserable creature” motivated by greed. Mr.
Viagra is one of those who sold out to the terrorist Dubai for our port
security. This administration is the greediest ever. To oppose it would
be the opposite of greed. Those who are worried about the opinion of
man, especially scumbag traitors like neocons who want to do away with
our borders, are total fools. It is like that saying that you are known
by the company you keep. It is no wonder why so many will be damned.
They blatantly defy God when He commands us to come out from them and be
separate, which they refuse to do. Their judgment is not resting but
heaping up for the day of wrath when their measure of sin is full and
then it is too late.

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