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Benny Hinn’s Move Into Necromancy

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This guy is so demonic I almost think that he may be the FALSE PROPHET of REVELATION. I bet he would lead everyone to follow after the beast. This even mentions about the AZUZA STREET REVIVAL had necromancers in it. I did not know this. Did you? All those revivals we heard about from the past were all false or counter revivals. Satan sure hadn’t been asleep at the wheel but the church sure has to allow all this blasphemy
to go on in their midst. Everything my folks believe in is a lie straight from the pits of hell. They believe in all these false revivals. You know Kenneth Copeland and also Benny Hinn were involved in that TORONTO BLESSING blasphemous revival where people were barking like dogs. All those shameul actions do not glorify God. Towards the end in the book of Revelation says very clearly that anyone who does what is shameful will not enter in His city. The bible is pretty clear that charismaniacs (demoniacs) will not go heaven.

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Should Christians Use The Court System?

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

About settling legal matters the scriptures is refering to true brothers
in christ,not charlatons pretending to be christian,which is the case of
those scammers.If anything we are to expose them for what they are or
are not. Paul tells us to expose the deeds of darkness.If you know of any
such person you should alert the authorities or go to a media station
with it to expose them on the news.That is what they are there for.At
least the local news sources.Jesus said that the pharisees were
devourers of widow’s houses.That means they were the scammers of their
time that preyed upon the poor.Such people need to be publically exposed
and humiliated and then taken to court.Some people are so messed up in
this kind of thinking.A number of years ago there was a religious woman
that thought it was wrong to sue for any reason.That is not what the
Bible says.Nowhere does it say you can’t take an unbeliever to court.But
the scriptures just use common sense.Like in most cases,like say some
sort of accident it is better to settle out of court.This does not apply
to those who do deliberate evil.And the reason why the scriptuires said
for beievers to avoid lawsuites is mainly because of the bad image it
brings of believers fighting with each other.It by no means is
dismissing frauds.If people would just read the whole word of God they
could understand this.

About this whole discernment thing should be the
very basics for every believer.This doesn’t go to anyone special.I am
not special by any means.I am just doing what is required of all
believers.That seems to make me a genius among a bunch of morons that
can’t discern God’s word from Satan.It is not that I am so gifted or
anything else.It is that everyone is out of touch with God and His
word.I am greatly dissappointed at all the gullible souless fools out
there.I desire to find someone beyond my level of spirituality in order
to help me.But it seems as though it’ll just have to be the Holy Spirit
himself,since it is Him that has kept me from all these frauds
throughout the years.Just read God’s word.It gives us all the answers
right there.It tells us how to judge by fruits,and so on.That is why I
can’t understand people that are so easily deceived.It is as if they
don’t really care about truth.All they seem to care about is selfishness
and how they can twist God’s word for their own selfishness.I thought
for sure you of all people understood this.It is a two way street,a
double edged sword.Not only can you discern things through God’s spirit
but also you will be discerned by others because the demons in the
worldy people will discern the Holy Spirit in you.That is why the
scripture says that the world accept their own but hate Christ.Any
believer that is not hated doesn’t have the Holy Spirit in their life
and those are in danger of any number of deceptions.If you have the Holy
Spirit the you have a guide.Those who are in fear do not have the Holy
Spirit because fear is a lack of trust in God,which is a sin.I guess it
really is  matter of the heart.If your heart is true and desire the
truth you won’t fall for deception.I have aways prayed that God keep me
in truth and so far has not let me down.God is no respecter of
persons.What God does for me He will do for another,but that choice is
up the individual.God will not force Himself on you.So if you are not
seeking God then you will not find Him.It is plain and simple as that.

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