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We Are At War With The Enemy!

Do not be deceived! All who are not obedient to Jesus Christ are the enemy and must be opposed! Join us in opposition to Satan’s workings in our government, churches, and society today!

14 Responses to “We Are At War With The Enemy!”

  1. God’s Army is on the move. Joel 2 describes a great people coming, a great and mighty army, spiritual army. A great & powerful army will spread over the mountains. There has never been anything like it before and there will never be anything like it again. In front of them a fire destroys. In back of them a flame burns. (This is a spiritual view) The land in front of them is like the garden of Eden; the land behind them is like an empty desert. Nothing will escape from them. They look like horses. (This is Joel describing powerful people the best way he knows how, using horses as an illustration)and they run like war horses. It is like the noise of chariots, rumbling over the tops of the mountains, like the noise of a roaring fire burning dry stalks. They are like a powerful army lined up for battle. When they see them, nations shake with fear, and everyone’s face becomes pale. They charge like soldiers; they climb over the wall like warriors. they all march straight ahead and do not move off their path. They do not run into each other because each walks in line. They break through all efforts to stop them and keep coming. They run into the city. They run at the wall and climb into the houses, entering through windows like thieves. Before them, earth & sky shake. The sun & the moon become dark, and the stars stop shining. The Lord shouts out orders to his army. The army is very large! Those who obey him are very strong! The Lord’s day of judging is an overwhelming and terrible day. No one can stand up against it!

  2. The Lord showed me at the first of 2007 that, starting from the beginning of 2007 until the beginning of 2008, every forty days that rolls around the spiritual war would change, every forty days the spiritual war will become more intense. Also meaning, the Christians will begin to gain more knowledge of the spiritual war and by that become more powerful. The signs to look for are more miracles taking place in different parts of the world. Even here in America. The miracles will begin to change the way non Christians look at the church. All of these things will also change the physical war that is taking place in the middle east. Also, if America refuses to heed to the call of God, there will be a high price to pay. God is now protecting us from our spiritual enemy here in America. {The spiritual enemy directs those human enemys to do his deeds}. All other Nations in history that made the chose to throw God out, paid a high price for that choose. What was that high price? you may ask. Those Nations are no longer nations,is the high price. I invite you to come to my web page and leave me your comments. Your friend, They call me soldier. Gods Army Over And Out…

  3. Change is in the air. A new breeze is blowing in the White House. The war is about to take on change. Not the way we think. Gods Army is watching.

  4. neogotchi said

    hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger! stop by mine @
    Keep in the Faith!!

  5. apostledbm said

    Question: (New to this site, as I came across it looking for the ‘Illuminati brotherhood’.)

    What role do you see women playing in this ‘Joel’s Army’ vision?

  6. Gods Army here, Women will play a big part in the future events. Write me on my guest page at I would love to be on your show. I have a lot to say about the coming Army of God. I believe there is a big if hanging over the United States Right now. If my people will, God says. What will we do as a body of one will determine the next five years. Terry McReath over and out. 2015 al. hwy 69 south Cullman Alabama.

  7. Take another look at my web page. Gods Army needs to join forces.

  8. Terry McReath. The book of Revelations soon to come to pass.

  9. Terry McReath,, Get Gods Army book at Barns and noble,,books-A-Million. Soldier up…


  11. Late Night Lisa said

    You have some good articles posted here & agree with much of what I’ve seen but I’m still trying to figure out what this “War” is about.

    Is this some type of Kingdom Now theology?

  12. This is for late night lisa. Hey Lisa, thanx for your Question. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The War that im speaking of is very complex. Please get my book. I’v spent many hours to explain my self. God’s Army…

  13. Chris Good said

    we are constantly at war with the enemy. i just watched the video, 23 minutes in hell, and it woke me up. i googled his name and i saw a suggestion that said, Bill Wiese fraud, and all these posts on this Atheistic website came up. so i thought to myself, there gonna end up like what Bill talked about in the video. so i said to myself, i just have to tell these people that what he was saying is real and that God doesnt want them to be like that. im glad i finally found a Christian blog site. i think that we all should just tell the world about this and not sit back in our chairs and just let people die and go to hell without ever hearing about the Lord. so ive started to find these websites and tell these people all this, that Jesus is the Lord and that all what Bill said was real

  14. Please take time to order my God’s Army book. It will explain to you why things are the way they are in this world. There is a war for souls going on and its about to get very intence. The book is full of very interresting prophecy. Get it, don’t wait. GOOGLE: terry mcreath for ordering info. join me on myspace, Twitter and facebook. Thanx friends.

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