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Virginia Takes Con Con Stage by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 26, 2009

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As I noted in this column a few weeks ago, proponents of assembling a new
Constitutional Convention are a scant two states away from achieving that
monstrous reality. (Please review my column on this subject at )

At that time, the state of Ohio was in the crosshairs. Fortunately, enough
people from that good state inundated their state representatives with
objections, and the matter was tabled (for how long, no one knows). Now it
appears that the Commonwealth of Virginia is going to be the next
battleground state.

In all likelihood, the Virginia legislature will be the next state
government to take up the Con Con issue. It is imperative, therefore, that
the citizens of Virginia begin contacting their various representatives,
demanding that they not authorize the call for a new Constitutional

As I noted in my previous column on this subject, "If called, a modern
Constitutional Convention could declare the U.S. Constitution to be null and
void, and could completely rewrite the document. For example, former U.S.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger once declared, ‘There is no
effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention.
The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda.’"

Since 32 states have already approved the new Con Con, only 2 more states
are required for the enactment of this debacle.

For clarification, Virginia already passed a Con Con resolution, but in 2004
rescinded that resolution. Therefore, the debate this year will be whether
to reverse the bill to rescind. Simply put, the state legislature in
Virginia may again take up the matter of issuing their call for a
Constitutional Convention very soon, and citizens in that good state need to
rally against it now!

To give readers a simple tally, the following states have never voted to
ratify a new Constitutional Convention: California, Connecticut, Hawaii,
Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New
Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia,
and Wisconsin.

These states voted for a new Constitutional Convention but later rescinded
their resolutions: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota,
Arizona, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

If you do not see your state listed above, it means your state indeed voted
to call for a new Constitutional Convention and has not rescinded its vote.
I strongly suggest that citizens of these states demand that their
legislatures rescind their previous votes calling for a new Con Con. Start

Of course, the problem is, it is not clear whether the court will allow
states to rescind their votes after having passed a Con Con resolution.
Article. V. of the U.S. Constitution is vague on the subject, and there is
no case law precedent on the matter. As far as I’m concerned, however, the
Tenth Amendment settles the issue, and states should be regarded as fully
qualified under the Constitution to determine their own fate in the matter.
Since there is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting rescission, states
are duly authorized to rescind their votes, as they please. But I don’t
expect the powers that be in Washington, D.C., to see it that way. Does
anyone remember that little skirmish known as the Civil War? This, in
essence, was the same view of the Confederate States: they voted to rescind
their decisions to join the Union. The tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, determined
that states have no such sovereignty (thus nullifying the Tenth Amendment,
among several others) and sent the entire federal army to force the southern
states back into the union. If history is any teacher, therefore, no state
will be allowed to rescind their votes, and we are only two states away from
a new Constitutional Convention being assembled.

There is no question in my mind that, should a new Constitutional Convention
be called, it would be the end of the United States of America as we know
it, and our current Constitution and Bill of Rights would be forever altered
beyond recognition. The globalists who currently control Washington, D.C.,
and Wall Street are, no doubt, salivating over the opportunity to officially
dismantle America’s independence and national sovereignty, and establish a
globalist North American Union–in much the same way that globalists created
the European Union. A new Constitutional Convention is exactly the tool they
need to cement their sinister scheme into law.

I urge readers to contact their state representatives regarding this
critical matter.

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