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Where’d the bailout money go? Shh, it’s a secret

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

If this bailout was legit then why the secrecy? Hypocrites like my dad
told me that those in the auto industry make $71 an hour, implying that
all make that amount, which is a flat out lie. Many only make $12-$17 an
hour. Those that make $71 an hour are either those who have been there a
long time or those who are in high position. That shows you the
stupidity and immaturity of such a statement. There is no company or
corporation where everyone makes the exact same amount. Those who can’t
understand that are imbeciles and morons, and flat out hypocrites. I try
to avoid any discussions with them because it is insane trying to make
any rational sense to such lunatics. I also heed the biblical admonition
to not argue with fools. In good time they will give an account for
their reprobate state. So what of those making $71? That is nothing
compared to what these banking crooks are making. My family are the
biggest bunch of hypocrites. Here they listen to Rush who says that
corporate greed is the good capitalist thing to do but then turn
completely around and get covetous over auto makers and yet no outrage
for the banking crooks. They probably didn’t take that direction on
their own but probably from Rush, because all such neocons cannot think
for themselves because they are braindead but have to be told what to
think by the likes of Rush, who is the ultimate hypocrite. He pretends
that he is so patriotic but is all for selling this country out in the
name of greed and calls it capitalism. What kind of warped lunatic
actually think it is in the country’s best interest to sell it out, as
well as leaving our borders wide open? Back when the hot topic of McCain
having seven houses I mention how insane it was that it was the american
dream to own 7 houses, my mom’s only reply was "what about Obama’s
house?" That doesn’t make any sense. You see how stupid these people
are? They cannot answer a direct question. Those who cannot answer a
direct question are evil and coniving liars. Jesus said to let your yes
be yes and your no be no, that all else is of the enemy. These idiots
have a problem with automakers making $71 an hour but yet no problem
with McCain’s 7 houses? You should see how they respond when I talk
about Bush dividing Israel. This proves their wicked heart when they
want to defend an antichrist that is dividing Israel and make excuses
for him. Back a while before the election my dad thought that McCain was
a christian. This is even after how McCain has rejected their own
televangelist apostate idols and makes no strong claim to faith as even
Bush had. So you see how warped they are. They are definitely given over
to lies when they actually believe that. They are not even consistent in
their own lies which proves they serve the master of confusion and
chaos. Those who cannot see clearly the truth have darkened eyes and
whose master is Satan. Their deception is not so innocent though because
when I confront them with the truth they always make excuses and try to
dodge around the issues, which proves on some level that they are
somewhat aware of their own wickedness. They are those who delight in
wickedness and whom God has given over to a strong delusion. That is why
the truth cannot penetrate their warped thinking because they have sold
out to Satan and are not capable of understanding truth. They are those
who love and practice falsehoods as mentioned in Revelation 22:15 as
among the eternally condemned. These neocons are the white trash scum of
the earth. They are so selfish and hypocritical. It is no wonder that
they are doomed to damnation. They are full of every carnal evil and do
not know God. I like to blame all our problems on their thinking but
their friends, who are probably much like them, are doing well
themselves. So in a way it is worse that all these bad things are
happening because that gives them a persecution complex thinking that
Satan is really threatened by their apostasy. The only thing is that
they can never seem to overcome and I’m outnumbered, making it almost
impossible for me to get anywhere myself. No matter what they believe I
am not against them having money because I know they will have to give
an account for all the apostates they support, so it is on their heads
either way. I know and understand why you might not want to blog this
because it seems personal, but I think it is important to expose the
examples of those who are lost in apostasy. I know my parents aren’t
alone in this warped state. So many out there that must be like this and
we need to try to at least warn them of walking down this wicked path.
Can any fool who claims to be christian think they can get away with
supporting a president that divides Israel and denies the supremacy of
Christ? Not to mention so many other lies. All else doesn’t matter too
much because if you are not with Christ then you are against him. All
are against God when they oppose His chosen people, Israel. You cannot
drink of the cup of the Lord and drink from the cup of demons too. That
is what many apostates who think of themselves as christians actually
think they can get away with.

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