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t r u t h o u t | Bush’s Farewell Hallelujah Chorus

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

Not only is this article good but most of what I could tell of the
comments too. I guess you know about Bush’s farewell lies and may have
watched it last night. If you didn’t see it you didn’t miss much. It was
Bush bragging that there wasn’t another terrorist attack under him. Easy
to say for one who controlled the terrorists to begin with. You wouldn’t
believe what I overheard my dad say. He is blaming the church for the
election of Obama. Like McCain is any better. My dad is so hateful,
vindictive and spiteful. I really try to keep my distance from him. Even
in nonrelated matters he has a real spiteful spirit and will get into
arguements over nothing. I can’t wait till the end to separate me from
these devils. All the hypocrites are worried about Obama being the
antichrist. Well I almost wish he was but I do not think so. In times
past we thought the end would be long before now. No telling how far
down the road it will be. It drags on and on. Those like my dad that are
still divisive over the bogus partisan politics prove who they really
serve. Does not the whole disaster this country has gone through not
sink in at all? All these liars will get what they deserve in the
eternal fire! Those who cannot recognize the truth are not in truth and
do not know Christ. My dad worships a false christ and he will burn for
it. Hypocrites like him are ever trying to learn through books and
devotionals but never come to understanding the truth because he serves
the master of lies. He has a wicked twisted heart and it will serve him
right! But like Y2K, the latest paranoia is 2012. For some reason the
Mayans were supposedly all knowing the way everyone heeds their
calender. The way it is going the end will be far beyond that. Maybe
even another hundred years or so. It is so easy to see who the wicked
are when they try to use scripture only for their purpose, their leader.
The same ones that told us to pray for our leaders when we were under
Bush do not say that for Obama, but quite the opposite. They are full of
rumors and suspicions and total contempt for those they do not vote for.
Then there are those who are subtle that work both sides only out of
compromise and complacency. When both sides are wrong it really doesn’t
matter. That is why the bible tells us not to swerve to the right or to
the left, but to stay on the straight and narrow. The bible is so
prophetic. All this right/left nonsense was addressed because so many
follow off on these worldly paths that lead to destruction. Since both
parties have no real plan of doing away with taxfunded abortion then
both are destructive in the very literal sense and those who continue in
this lie are willingly participating in the deeds of darkness. All those
who do good deeds, give to charities and such but yet vote for these
parties who continue abortion, have done your good deeds in vain and
will be held accountable if not repented of. True repentance is more
than just saying your sorry. It is action. It s changing your life in
the way that you live because the old man is to be crusified in order to
become a new creation in Christ. You cannot serve God if you bow down to
all the lying fantasies like the two party political system. For those
who think they can excuse their wickedness by doing good deeds, which
Paul says are as filthy rags, need to explain Matthew 7:21-23. If Jesus
turns away those who even perform miracles and cast out demons in his
name because of wickedness within them, then what makes anyone think
they can escape when they are servants of a wicked system and
participate in murder through abortion? The bible says that no murderer
has eternal life. If that was addressed to those with just those
thoughts, how much more will it apply to those who actually do it. Those
who choose to turn a blind eye know that they are evil and will not
escape unless they repent. It is plain for all to see the evil of the
republicans. They were in power for six years and never tried to
overturn abortion, but instead increased funding for it. Anyone with a
true heart knows that the republicans are evil. Both parties are pure
evil. They are both pro-abortion and anti-israel. Why is it that the so
called liberal media who are supposedly the biggest haters of Bush cover
up most of his evil? For one it proves that they are not real enemies.
Another it proves that they are just as evil, being guilty of the same
things as him. This proves that the other side is no better. Those who
think democrats are good need to ask why their leaders cover up for so
much of Bush’s evil. This shows what a joke this system is. The
republicans couldn’t impeach Clinton and the democrats couldn’t impeach
Bush. They are all one in the same. We have already lost our freedoms
but most are too stupid and blind to know the difference between freedom
and slavery. Most prove they cannot think outside the box. Most are so
blind that they don’t realize how deep in idolatry they are. Worshipping
the american flag or the military will not save your soul. But I guess
anyone who has been infected with catholicism can believe anything and
try to justify any idolatry. Those who blur the lines of catholicism and
christianity are absolute liars. Those like Sean Hannity, who is a
catholic but claims he is a christian, is flat out lying. There are
those such as my family who know the heresy of catholicism but yet will
devote their attention to these liars. This is why I say that the wicked
know exactly who they are. There will be no mercy for hypocrites. They
will be assigned where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth
(Matt.24:51). Those who say otherwise are calling Jesus a liar.

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