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Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

You may find this interesting. These are reviews and I noticed one of
them a ways down mentioned there is a song against the evil policies of
the Bush administration. You see I told you that there is much truth in
the christian rock scen as well as some of the secular. Praise God for
these bands! They are like the lone voice crying in the wilderness. I
came across an old band in their earliest release back in 1980 that had
a song called Spiritual Games that is ever so relevant today. It dealt
with the hypocrisy of the church that is preaching materialism and
humanism. Wow! They are indeed prophets. They do not go with the flow
but go against the grain as many other bands have song titles of just
that. These bands were not fooled even when I was in either political or
eligious deception. This proves that these bands are indeed used by God
and I know anyone who attacks them have a heart of the devil because
they cannot stand the truth they preach, so they try to put them down
just over the music. Their wicked hearts are exposed, Praise God. We
know just exacty who they are and wh they serve! I tell my brother of
this but get know response. His silence is his guilt. I hope this is
encouragement to you that not all are lost and to anyone else who reads

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