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Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

I just got this book and it is awesome! I have made it over half way
through it and started it tonight. That is how interesting it is. I
strongly recommend this book for you as well as all else, no matter if
they are christian or not. This exposes the false fruits of christian
imperialism that Constantine started. We all know and have heard about
the violence of the crusades but the author states that protestants
continued the same kind of violence. You see, I knew the protestants
were no better than the catholics. And this equivacates the obsessive
religious right as under the same spirit as the crusaders, though the
form is slightly different it is the same thing. This book covers quite
a bit. But the main point was that Jesus came as a servant, not as a
dictator. This book will also open your eyes to the horrors done in
Christ’s name. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t even know. People may
wonder were the muslims get their hatred for christians, it is because
of the past injustices inflicted on them by those claiming to be
christians. Besides all the murders like burning others at the steak
they did torture and gave God the glory for it. In my wildest dreams I
could not think of such abominable blasphemy. It is no wonder that the
neocons had no problem with the Abu Graib torture because they descended
from these devils. This book points out that there has never been a time
in history that this nation was ever christian. I agree with everything
in this book. I have not yet read it all but don’t think there is any
reference to the sabbath. I know we are all in a learning process but I
wish more would catch onto this. I am really amazed that I myself hadn’t
caught on sooner about the truth of the sabbath because the scripture
makes it ever so plain. Man, Satan sure has power to make people
overlook the obvious. When the church forsaken God’s true sabbath then
all evil polluted the church. This is an example of disobedience to God
that will open all kinds of doors for the enemy to use because he then
has the legal right to do with the disobedient as he pleases. The church
basically became satanists when they forsaken the true sabbath. This is
why they align themelves with satanists like Bush. This is why they are
so full of blasphemy, hypocrisy, and idolatry. Even christian bands are
somewhat effected by this rampant apostasy. I am glad that I am no fan
of any band or man that I would forsake the truth for them. This is what
it means to live for Christ, to put Him above all else and obey his
commands, including the sabbath (7th day).

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