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Christians Use Prophecy To Excuse Laziness by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

Even Chuck is saying that it may be another hundred years or more before
Christ’s return. Christ said that the end would come when every creature
has heard the gospel, so these others have it backwards as usual. Evil
will not hasten Christ’s return, only preaching his truth will. Those
who think that evil speeds forth his coming prove their ignorance of his
word as well as their own evil hearts. If God judges us all by the good
or evil we do then you know those who promote evil falsely will have to
answer for it. Jesus said no good can come from evil. Who are these
wicked hypocrites to contradict Jesus and call him a liar? Such fools
will surely burn for that. Just by their ignorance we know who the
wicked hypocrites are and Jesus tells exactly where they will end up for
eternity (Matt.24:51). There are hardly any true christians in America
anymore, at least not any rich christians. All these prosperity teachers
are nothing but religious devils and modern day Pharisees. I hear from
Mike Evans about how he sees so many poor and suffering jews in Israel.
How can this be when Pat Robertson and other rich preachers are supposed
to be members? These religious vipers are flaunting their riches while
they do nothing to help God’s chosen people. These rich religious
leaders are the goats mentioned in Matthew 25. These rich devils will
get exactly what is coming to them. Those who give to these devils know
better. Nobody has prospered by giving to them and you would think even
the dumbest moron would catch onto that. Evil makes people stupid. Just
look at any of these dumb criminal specials on TV and you will know what
I mean. Religious criminals are the worst kind and they continue to prey
on weak minds and literally get away with it. These evil religious
imposters keep on increasing their wealth while everyone is suffering
around them, and then these wicked bastards have the nerve to blame the
poor. God will have no mercy on these merciless vipers! These religious
vipers are not light to this world but instead a darkness to this world
that puts the evil of the heathen to shame. It is these liars that keep
the lost from ever knowing the truth just like Jesus said of the
Pharisees who shut up the kingdom from all. They bring the way of truth
into disrepute (2Peter 2:2) and you know they will pay for that. Why
would anyone in their right mind follow these losers knowing how the
bible fortells their doom? Anyone with common sense can figure out that
they will end up in the same place. Jesus taught both compassion as well
as vigilance, which these hypocrites have neither. Jesus gave stern
warnings in his parables against laziness and unvigilance, such as the
parable of the foolish virgins. He spelled it out plain and clear that
those who are not diligent will not enter his kingdom.

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In response to my two previous columns regarding the current development of
a devilish New World Order, many professing Christians wrote me with
comments to the effect that we should not be concerned about whatever global
tyranny may be developing, because "it’s all a part of God’s plan," or
"Jesus is coming soon," and similar statements.  I, too, believe in the
imminent return of Jesus Christ to earth. But, then again, so did Christians
from every generation over the last two millennia. In fact, the Apostle Paul
was looking for the return of Christ while he lived (Philippians 3:20). But
does anticipation of Christ’s Second Coming excuse personal neglect,
indifference, and downright laziness? Of course not.

Had pastors and Christians of colonial America believed and acted as most
Christians believe and act today, this country would still be a Crown colony
and we would never have known the freedoms and liberties that our forebears
bequeathed to us. Christians of that era, however, believed that it was
their duty and obligation to fight for right and do everything within their
power to resist tyranny. They also believed that God would honor and bless
their efforts, which He certainly did!

It is extremely difficult for me to reconcile the apathy and slave-like
mentality that seems to permeate modern Christendom (in America) with both
our own heritage and the very Word of God. For example, the Apostle Paul is
very clear when he writes that a Christian must never "do evil, that good
may come" (Romans 3:8). Yet, that is exactly what many, if not most,
Christians are doing today.

When confronted with an obvious evil (a burgeoning tyrannical New World
Order, not to mention a number of lesser evils), modern Christians will
shrug and glibly say, "It’s God’s will; we must not oppose it," or words to
that effect. This attitude says, "I will tolerate or even condone evil in
order to hasten Christ’s return."

In the first place, no one knows when Christ will return, no matter how many
books or tapes they have produced to say they do. In Acts chapter 1, Jesus
was asked by His disciples if He would, at that time, set up His kingdom.
The first words out of His mouth were, "It is not for you to know." Oh, we
can speculate, surmise, and make educated guesses, but that’s the best we
can do. It’s time we were honest enough to admit it: only God knows when
Christ will return.  In fact, Jesus said, "But of that day and hour knoweth
no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only" (Matthew 24:36).

In the meantime, millions of Christians across America are trying to play
God. They talk as if they know when Christ will come. It’s actually worse
than that. They have the attitude that they have no personal responsibility
to defend freedom and resist despotism. They seem to look at God as some
kind of glorified fireman, who is obligated to rush in at the last minute to
rescue them from a burning fire–a fire that they helped ignite, or at
least, refused to put out themselves when they had the opportunity to do so.
It’s the old, "God would not let that happen in America" syndrome.

How arrogant can we be? Ask believers from despotic regimes around the world
what they think about God letting tribulation come, and they will quickly
tell you, "We are already in tribulation." Are Christians in the United
States really that arrogant as to believe that God loves them more than He
loves believers in other countries? If not, can we not see that if believers
around the world have suffered (and still suffer) the heavy hand of tyranny
and oppression, it is certainly possible for tyranny and oppression to come
to our land? The fact is, the only reason that Christians in America have
not (for the most part) suffered tyranny and oppression is because of the
hard work and sacrifice of our forefathers. We are simply enjoying the fruit
of their labor.

In the second place, how do we know what God would do, if we only had the
backbone to do our duty? How do we know that God would not give America "a
new birth of freedom" for our children and grandchildren, if we only had the
courage and fortitude to oppose the evil being thrust upon us by these
would-be tyrants? America is only the "land of the free," because it was the
"home of the brave." Take away the latter and we lose the former. And that
is exactly what is currently happening.

In the third place, Christians have a moral imperative to resist evil, even
if their efforts are fruitless. We are not responsible for outcome, only
effort. Believers throughout history acted on principle, leaving the results
with God. (Read Hebrews chapter 11.) Some were delivered; some were not.
That did not matter. What mattered was doing one’s duty. We Christians are
to give our bodies as "a living sacrifice" (Romans 12:1). It is God’s
prerogative to use our sacrifice as He sees fit. Therefore, there is no such
thing as a "losing effort," when it comes to doing right. Doing right
(resisting evil) is its own reward. The three Hebrew children were not
commended because God delivered them from the burning fiery furnace; they
were commended because they were willing to go into the burning fiery
furnace. So must we be.

I believe the real reason why so many professing Christians are so apathetic
and indifferent to what is happening has nothing to do with the teachings of
Scripture, Bible doctrine, eschatology, or anything of the like. It has
everything to do with old-fashioned laziness. Today’s average Christian just
flat does not want to be bothered. He has a comfortable house, an easy
chair, television, and a set of golf clubs in the closet. He takes two or
three weeks’ vacation every year, goes to church on Sunday (a church that
does not intrude on his comfort zone, of course), pays taxes, and votes for
his favorite "pro-life" Republican candidate every two years, and assumes
that he is a "good" Christian and "patriotic" American. He is neither!

A real Christian patriot would never allow his country to be taken over by a
gaggle of elitist goons bent on stealing his liberties–including his
religious liberties–without doing everything in his power to prevent it. A
real Christian patriot is active, alert, engaged, zealous, and committed to
preserving liberty.

What if Jesus doesn’t come for another 100 years? Another 200 years? What
are we going to say to our grandchildren when they ask us what we were doing
when our freedoms and liberties were being stolen? What will we say to our
Christian forebears when we meet them in eternity? They sacrificed
everything so that we could live in peace and freedom. What will we say to
them? What will we say to God, who handed this land of liberty to us on a
silver (albeit blood-soaked) platter?

Tell me again that "there is nothing we can do about it," or "it’s God’s
will," or "Jesus is coming soon." Better yet, tell it again to the suffering
Christians around the world; tell it again to our Christian forebears; tell
it again to your children and grandchildren who are going to inherit a land
of tyranny and oppression, all because you were too lazy to resist.

I know unbelievers who have more character and determination about
preserving liberty than many who call themselves Christians. And I have a
ton more respect for them, too. Our Lord told us, "For unto whomsoever much
is given, of him shall be much required" (Luke 12:48). Yes, Christians in
America have been given the best of both worlds, and many do not even
appreciate it enough to see to it that their own children–their own flesh
and blood–will live to enjoy the same blessings. They are pathetic!

So, the next time you hear some piety-draped Christian talking about how he
won’t engage the enemy and fight for liberty, because of prophecy, or some
other spiritually-sounding platitude, just remember, it has nothing to do
with prophecy, or anything of the sort: it has everything to do with
old-fashioned laziness. My feeling toward him is the same as that of Sam
Adams (a fellow Christian) toward the Tories of old: "If ye love wealth
better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest
for freedom–go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly
upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!" Amen!

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