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666 Mark Of The Beast

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2009

 this is important. After

reading through this four page study on the topic this makes the most
sense. You know how the Lord has been leading me in my spirit concerning
the truth about the sabbath? Well this pretty well explains all that.
This points out that all the apostles and early followers of Christ kept
the true sabbath. Hypocrites who think they keep the sabbath are
actually sabbath breakers by their observance of the false sabbath and
dishonoring the true sabbath. Not only do these hypocrites work on the
true sabbath but they also strongly oppose those who honor and uphold
the true sabbath, making themselves enemies of the Lord of the Sabbath.
I believe that is why there is much antisemitism in the church because
of their opposition of the true sabbath to which the jews observe. It is
no wonder how the Beast already has most of the professing christians. I
was brought up like most in this deception of the false sabbath but God
has opened my eyes to the truth of his word. The truth of His word is
that the sabbath has not changed nor has any of the ten commandments.
Those who have ears let him hear. Those who adamantly oppose this have
already sold their soul to the Beast. This goes out as a stern warning
to those who continue to observe the false sabbath will end up bowing to
the Beast. Everyone will have to make a choice whether they will follow
the Lord of the true sabbath or the lord of the false sabbath, the
Beast. What amazes me is how clueless even the apostates are who realize
the catholic churches role with the Beast but yet never occurs to them
that it was the catholic church that started the false sabbath. Daniel
7:25 states that the Beast will change the set times and laws. So we see
that this has been an ongoing thing throughout the ages. Most are fooled
into thinking that the antichrist will be an irreligious heathen of
sorts that will fool those who survive their ficticious pretrib rapture
when in all actualiy it will be the exact opposite. Why would Jesus warn
of so many false messiahs if the Beast was not religious in nature? Why
would Jesus tell his followers to be vigilant if the antichrist was
obvious? His word says that even the elect would be deceived if it were
possible. If the antichrist came as a satanic oppressor that would fool
nobody, especially the elect. Those who have this sort of mentality
prove they do not know His word. People better wake up and get into
God’s word before it is too late if they do not want to be deceived and
damned. There is no excuse. God’s word makes it very clear concerning
the Sabbath. Back in the old testament breaking the sabbath was
punishable by death. What is breaking the sabbath? It is working on that
day. Some might make the arguement that they can observe both days but
it is like Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters. Those who
observe the false sabbath the least bit will be more prone to work on
Saturday. I know things and circumstances can come up, but I am talking
about as the rule and not exceptions. Just like my father is sold out to
the false sabbath. He has made the choice with his job to work on
Saturdays and take off Sundays. This goes out as a warning that when the
Beast comes to power he will mandate the false Sunday sabbath. Just look
at what the phony religious right are doing. They are making a fuss over
the ten commandments, while they themselves are sabbath breakers. No
doubt they are a part of the religious tyrants that will enforce the law
of the Beast. Besides this it has come out that the false sabbath church
traditions have pagan roots. There is a book out called PAGANIZED
CHRISTIANITY by Frank Viola and George Barna exposing the false
traditons of church. The scriptures makes it clear about dressing up. It
says the opposite of what is being teached, like 1Peter 3:3 teaches
against wearing fine clothing. Such are vanity and manmade traditions.
You have to let go of the traditons of men in order to truly serve and
please God. If there were true revival people would be leaving these
godless institutional churches by the droves. But I hardly doubt that
because scripture says that wickedness will increase which will give
rise to the antichrist. So this means that this churchanity nonsense
will increase too. The church is the proof of 2Thess.2:3 about the great
rebellion before the man of sin is revealed. It is this false sabbath
church that will enpower the Beast.

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