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Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2009

This is one of the best sites I have come across dealing with this
subject. This is not overly legalistic about the sabbath but it really
makes the point that those who observe the false sabbath of Sunday are
following the Beast and not God. I know you are busy with stuff but you
really need to focus on this because if not addressed will cause many to
fall from a false sense of security that observe the Beast’s sabbath. It
is apparent that the sabbath will be the main issue for persecution and
whether people are obeying God, or the Beast. So we now know why most
churches and TBN teachers are false, mainly because they are followers
of the Beast by their promoting the false sabbath. The rest of what we
see are just symptoms of their rebellion against God’s sabbath. It is
one thing for the layman to be deceived on such matter but those who
attend bible school and study the word have no excuse for defending the
false sabbath. My dad was one of them. It only goes to show you that
these institutions are nothing but propagators of deception and
apostasy. All those who think they are saved had better wake up to the
truth. How broadly accepted the false sabbath is over the true sabbath
shows you just how true the words of Jesus are when he said that very
few will make it. Americanism is a symptom of this false sabbath. The
fools that say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" are actually saying "GOD BLESS
WICKEDNESS." These hypocrites want God to bless their evil, to bless
their false sabbath. If they have no conscience to break the true
sabbath then they don’t concerning other scriptures as well. That is why
the church is made up of nothing but drunks, whores, adulterers, and
warmongers. Most are servants of the Beast whether they realize it or
not. That is why they will be shocked when they stand before Jesus as in
FALSE SABBATH. Those who stumble at one point of the law are lawbreakers
(James 2:10). There needs to be no strife among the true brethren. What
does it matter about different techniques on propagating the gospel? We
are all parts of the body. Parts have different functions. We are not
all called to do the same things. But if we neglect the most important
things like keeping the fourth commandment (along with the other 9),
then it is all in vain. We are to keep the commands of Christ as well as
follow his example. Jesus was never confrontational to the heathen and
those who he tried to reach because he said that it is the sick who need
a doctor. What kind of doctor is confrontational to his patients? That
would be a pretty lousy doctor. The only time he was confrontational was
when the religious hypocrites challenged him or defiled his temple by
making it a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer. Jesus said to
make worldly friends in order to win them over. You cannot make friends
by being confrontational. Confrontatonalism is not the christlike spirit
of love. It is of the hateful spirit of the apostates. Paul says that
without love we are nothing. A really good friend that I had to part
ways with a while back had an amazing understanding of scripture but I
noticed how cold and legalitic he was getting. He did not seem to have
love. All the revelations in the world count for nothing if you do not
have love. Those who truly love Christ will obey him and observe his
true sabbath. Those who refuse his true sabbath are not his and will
hold to the false unto their own damnation if they are not willing to
change. It does not matter how you have been brought up. I myself have
been brought up in the midst of all these lies and yet I had no problem
forsaking the false sabbath and accepting the truth of God’s word. It is
only the truth that can set you free. Sunday worshippers are not free.
They are bound by tradition and lying spirits. Those who really love the
truth will not care about tradition or whether they are popular or not.
Just try telling others about the true sabbath and see what kind of
response you get. I imagine a very hostile response, especially from the
religious apostates. A good test to see whether one is a good christian
or not is whether they accept the true sabbath. If nothing else that
will indicate where there heart is really at. The apostate’s heart is
not after Christ but the worship of America. They are in love with the
world. All the wicked fruits of imposters show one thing in common, the
false sabbath of the Beast. Is it any wonder that these apostates are
warmongers? They are coming under the order of their master who will
wage war on the saints. These apostates will be the betrayers of those
who are true by doing the bidding of their evil master. Their lust for
war and violence expose their beastly nature. I imagine the Beast will
do it all in the name of patriotism. The Beast has every flag waving
idolater under his spell. The reason I am saying this is because all of
this is becoming so clear to me and that I am not ignorant of Satan’s
devices. Those who choose to follow Christ must take up their cross. It
will not be easy but it will be worth it in the long run.

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