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Pentecostal Apostasy

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2009

I grew up in the apostate church myself in which they were
all pentecostal. They were all into the tongues. When I later came to my
senses and grew up spiritually and found out (as I am still in the
process of finding more and more things as I go) what deceptions they
were in I thought to myself how could this be if they have the Holy
Spirit? The answer is right there. They don’t. The Holy Spirit is the
bringer of truth and those who have it will not be bound in darkness
such as most of those who are tongue-talkers but yet live as carnal as
the world. The truth is not complicated. All it takes is an open mind to
take God’s word for what it says without twisting some bogus agenda on
it. There are no refuting scriptures like 2Cor.10:3-4 concerning carnal
warfare or Hebrews 4 concernng the true sabbath. So it got me thinking
that those who say that tongues are of the devil may just be right.
Jesus said we would know them by their fruit. If those who claim they
have the Spirit but yet do not have the fruits of the Spirit, they are a
liar. The bible is clear that darkness and light cannot dwell in the
same place, but these hypocritical blasphemers would have you believe
that. One church in my childhood was pastored by an old woman (defying
scripture that in of itself) who was mean, bitter, and legalistic.
Needless to say that she did not have the fruits of the Spirit, but yet
she spoke in tongues. Tongues has to be the greatest deception of the
enemy because everyone takes blind faith that anyone who speaks in
tongues must be Spirit filled. I find out that quite the opposite is
true. My whole family speaks in tongues but they are bound up by all the
foolish lies of this world and are complete hypocrites. One time my dad
felt in his spirit about something and it turned out to be totally
false. They are full of all kinds of lying deceiving spirits. The devil
can well easily counterfeit the gifts of the Spirit and we can see him
hard at work at that. Anyone that knows the bible would know that Satan
is a counterfeiter and comes as an angel of light. Most hypocrites can’t
even acknowledge that scripture or think that can’t apply to them. That
right there is another problem-PRIDE. Most hypocrite apostates will
never admit any fault of their own. They lack humility. The bible says
that those who claim to have no sin are liars. Those who go along
blindly and never question anything, never question the status quo, are
the ones most deceived and are lukewarm. Anyone that has the Spirit will
not be lukewarm and will not love the evil of this world. It is just
like the bible says that the devil deceives the whole world. When the
bible speaks of tongues I believe that has to do with missionaries who
go to foreign lands that the Spirit enables them to speak the native
language without ever having any knowledge of it. There are also other
ideas that may apply to that, but it is not the common misconception of
going around and babbling all the time, which the bible also condemns.
It is no wonder why there will be so many hypocrites that will face
judgment as Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23, because of all their lying
signs and wonders. Everyone needs to stop looking at man and focus on
the bible itself. Only the truth of God’s word can set you free.

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