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Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2009

I get so sick of hypocritical neocons looking for any excuse to hate
Obama that they just make stuff up. I believe that Obama is doing a
pretty good job in several ways considering. He inspires people to take
responsibility much like JFK did. Of course he has an overwhelming mess
inherited by Bush that he will always get blamed for not handling right
whether he goes about it the right way or not. He will never please the
haters. Like I was just telling my mom about how Obama’s stimulus plan
is helping out jobs in our local area she replied that it was going only
to illegals. Where would she get such an idea? These lying neocon talk
shows, of course. These very same neocon hypocrites are the ones who
chose to turn a blind eye when it was Bush who did actually favor
illegals and attacked the MINUTEMEN as vigilantes. Both Bush and McCain
were all about policies favoring illegals, and these hypocrites try to
pass that off on Obama. These hypocrites are only projecting their own
evil on Obama. These wicked hypocrites will be judged for their
hypocritical judgment. You can always tell when you are around such
people by the way they act when you even mention the word hypocrisy.
Their own wicked hearts expose them. I do not have any particular faith
in Obama, nor any others in the government, but so far Obama has
impressed me, which is a hard thing to do from anyone in government. Our
own wicked neocon governor, Rick Perry, is trying to refuse some of the
stimulus by making up some nonsense about it costing them. Well I think
Perry is going to get kicked out on his butt come next election. People
are not too thrilled with him and yet this fool is trying to run for a
third term, which is unheard of but will not stand a chance. Even other
republicans cannot stand him. Where are all the religious hypocrites
that tell us to pray for our leaders and not to criticize them? They are
all strangely silent about that now. They will all give an account for
their workings of iniquity. Where is the love for peace in all these
lying religious hypocrites who instead rather stir up strife and
division and racism because they cannot stand for a black man in the
Whitehouse? Jesus said for all those who do not produce good fruit will
be hewn down and thrown into the fire. Those who stir up carnality in
others are fruitless imposters to which Jesus will execute judgment on
in his return. Jesus said that any man hate his brother (regardless of
skin color) is a murderer and murderers do not have eternal life. It is
our job as christians to get along as peacefully as possible wherein the
government doesn’t infringe on the gospel. Those who are not peaceful
are not christians because they are not christlike. Jesus refused to get
in political debates of his time because he knew the futility of such.
Those who can’t follow the example Christ set do not know him, plain and
simple. They do not serve the true Jesus who taught "blessed are the
peacemakers" but a false one that teaches strife, hypocrisy,
materialism, and warmongering. Such hypocrites cannot lead any souls to
Christ, but like the Pharisees who only made converts twice the sons of
hell as they were. The last days will be interesting to witness to see
how the neocons and the whole apostate church will react to the mark of
the Beast. Not sure when that will be but it is coming. Jesus predicted
that brother will betray brother. If he said it then you know it will
come to past, proving that the church is wicked. For those with true
hearts just stay true to Christ and his word and forsake the hypocrites
and all their ways including their false sabbath of the Beast. God is
calling for His people to come out from all this idolatry and hypocrisy.
False sabbath Sunday is idolatry because it is placing more value on the
traditions of men than what God’s word actually teaches. Even beyond
that there is more paganism involved in this status quo of false
religion. Traditional churchanity is just as false as any other false
religion. But even ancient Israel kept the sabbath but God still
despised their evil assemblies because they did not have true hearts.
They had much injustice towards the poor as does the modern american
church. People better wake up lest they find out too late that they are
actually goats and not sheep. Hypocrites that are more worried about
their taxes better get their priorities straight. Taxes will not send
your soul to hell, but selfishness, greed (which is idolatry), and
stinginess will. Those who make taxes their priority prove that Mammon
is their god. All these american religious hypocrites have no idea what
it is really like to put their lives on the line for the sake of the
gospel. None of the spoiled brats have ever faced real persecution. Just
look at what christians suffer throughout the rest of the world. Yet
there are no doubt many more true christians in these foreign countries
than here in America. Persecution is the best thing that can happen to
the church. It will put on the spot who is for real and who is not.
Without persecution many are doomed to hell because of the lukewarmness
and all the lies that cause a false sense of security. You can believe
that persecution is coming. It is obvious that persecution is what will
cause brother to betray brother. The betrayers will be exposed. The
church will be judged for their contempt and disobedience towards the
teachings of Christ. For had they truly loved him they would obey him.
As mentioned in 1Cor. 5:12 we are to judge those inside, not outside.
Bush ardently claimed to be of Christ and thus was an insider and did
not line up with God’s word. Obama has not made any strong claim to
faith and so I do not judge him hypocritically. Those who do judge him
better beware because you are in violation of scripture.

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