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How to defeat Radical Islam: Evangelism!

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2009

This site is amazing! All the links on here seem to line up with God’s word. You may know about this but what is new to me is the official title of the patriotic idolatry is "civil religion," which of course is not true christianity. Like this article here proves the true carnal nature of the church that is in fear (the oppsite of love) and hatred. When you understand history you know that it was the church itself that driven the muslims to their evil in the first place. In my book that makes the church more wicked than these terrorists because they are responsible for their evil. Jesus said woe to those who cause others to sin. I would not give anything to be in the place of these carnal apostates when they stand before God. They will have more to answer for than the terrorists.

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