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My Conversation with Sarah Palin

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

Wow! This proves what a fool this Schenck is. It never crosses his mind
that McCain (or even Palin for that matter) will only tell him what he
wants to hear. This is how liars get away with their lies because people
are so stupid to take everything at face value. Even Hitler pretended to
be christian and used that against the jews to justify what he did by
blaming them for the crusifixion of Christ. I think that no one can be
as stupid as Schenck and must be all a part of the corruption. In other
words another liar. If Hitler were running today he would win for sure
because all he has to do is say the right things and no one would look
any further and would take him at face value. You have talked abut the
Obama obsession before but the Palin obsession makes that look mild by
comparison. Also why is this Schenck such a coward that he is afraid to
be open about what he thinks he knows? That is a sure sign of a lying
fraud if ever I saw one. Truth is afraid of nothing. Jesus and all his
apostles weren’t afraid to tell the truth. Of course it is not truth
that Schenck wants to tell or else why would he be afraid to tell it? So
what if taken out of context? The bible is constantly taken out of
context, as I am sure we are too, but that does not stop us. People know
the truth but do not want to admit it. They will pay for their love of

I want to tell you about my conversation with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She’s amazing. I was in Dayton on the platform when John McCain announced her as his running mate. I spoke to Gov. Palin, her husband Todd and Senator John and Cindy McCain immediately after. I was also in St. Paul when she gave her acceptance speech. I want to tell you all about it, but I don’t want it circulated on the Internet, so . . . 

You’ll have to join me on Monday evening, October 20, for our upcoming Faith and Action “Family Circle” banquet at the Good N’ Plenty Restaurant in Lancaster, PA. I’ll tell you everything I know about Gov. Palin, Senator McCain and their Democratic complements, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (I’ve been on “the train” with Joe Biden more than once!) By the way, I was also out in Denver at the Democratic convention. 

On Monday, October 20, we’ll talk all about the upcoming election and what Christians can do and shouldn’t do about it. Please don’t miss it. This meeting won’t be recorded—everything I say there will be off the record and just for ‘ussins’! 

To purchase your ticket online click here. If you prefer, you can call us at 202-546-8329, extension 103. You may also mail your check for $16.00 per adult and $10.75 per child to Faith and Action, 109 2nd St, NE, Washington, DC 20002. 

Please circulate this note to family, friends and fellow church members. Bring as many folks as possible! 

See you on October 20th! 

Your missionary to our nation’s leaders, 

Rob Schenck 

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