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Issue Fifty One Warning to America

Posted by soldierservant on October 1, 2008

This is good. Like what was mentioned in this, I have had several dreams
about destructive weather. The hurricanes aren’t over. There is another
one now that will be hitting the east coast. The bible makes everything
so clear for those who truly care to understand it. I get so tired of so
many people saying that they don’t know what is going on when it is all
in the bible. Jesus warned about what happens to those who are not
vigilant in his parable of the ten virgins. Morons keep supporting the
corruption of the establishment and then wonder why they get screwed in
the end. It is because they are reaping what they sowed. I love how this
mentions what has happened to the Lord’s day. America won’t get away
with the constant blasphemy. I feel sorry for those who only live for
this world. What a pathetic paradise! And it is not eternal. Fool’s
paradise. More seem to be content with fool’s gold over the real thing

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