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How the State Encourages Immorality

Posted by soldierservant on September 4, 2008

This article is so correct. I slightly disagree about the death penalty.
While a lot of crime might come from those who are oppressed, there are
rich people that kill too, like a lot of the serial killers. So one size
does not fit all. Besides in Romans 13:4 says that he does not bear a
sword for nothing and is a servant to bring punishment for the evildoer.
Scripture sounds pro-death penalty to me. But besides that, this is
right on everything else. Like how they mention about the morals of
sailors. I had a friend that was in the navy that got corrupted by the
pressure of the other whoremongers in that service. Also like how this
points out about the demonic psychotic training that the military goes
through. We always hear these stories about soldiers commiting some act
of cruelty and the military leaders lie by saying that they are not
trained like that. I imagine that there are a whole lot more that we do
not hear about, but those cases we do hear about are just a few that
manage to leak out. So yeah, there is all kinds of hypocrisy like the
government punishing killers while they are killers themselves. All
governments are failures and is why our allegiance should only go to
Christ alone, not this corrupt worldly system. Those who depend on the
system have more faith in it than they do in God and will be betrayed in
the end. It is no wonder why Jesus said that those who love this world
the love of the Father is not in them. Romans 13 is only refering to
righteous government because why then would it say in verse 3 that
rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do
wrong? That sure isn’t talking about tyranies. Hitler held terror for
those who did right. Those who twist Romans 13 out of context try to
make it sound as though God deifies the world leaders. If that is the
case then Jesus would not need to return to put all these authorities
underneath his feet as mentiond in 1Cor.15:24. Sure, scripture says that
God raised up Pharaoh, but it also says that God hardened his heart. God
also raised up Moses to oppose Pharaoh. Those who know the story know
how Pharaoh ended up. So there is no logic or balance from the godless
imposters that glorify evil government. So yes, even these imposters God
may be raising up only to be destroyed. Think about that the next time
you see one of these arrogant televangelists brag about God raising them
up, maybe only to be made an example out of by God.

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