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Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

I heard this guy last night on COAST TO COAST and was very deep. He was
explaining that Bush and most politicians are old line nazis. He said
that that Japan was provoked and manipulated which led to the attack of
PEARL HARBOR. I think all this and more is covered in his book: “THE
RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH.” I have to look more into this myself. Of
course I know that you are like me in which nothing surprises me
anymore. It has nothing to do with being cynical but realizing we have
been lied to about nearly everything all our lives. I get so frustrated
when certain shows about religious history are so distorted, like giving
credit to romans for furthering christianity, when it was mostly the
catholic heresy that was furthered by the likes of Constantine. These
are the same liars that say catholics are christians. Anyone who knows
the bible knows that angel worship is forbidden in it, which catholics
are not even limited to. I guess you have heard that McCain is thinking
about picking Tom Ridge for VP. He is pro-abortion. So pro-life groups
will not get away with endorsing McCain. It seems like there may have
been something else I overheard tying him to nazis or something. I was
right about the neocons wanting to start another war, just see how they
are wanting to start with Russia now over their conflict with Georgia.
Warmongers are so predictable. Savage seems to be on a role on these
topics, but remains to be seen how consistent he will be on them. I hear
that people are waking up to a lot that is going on now, and this from
the radio. How is it from your viewpoint? I know there are always
diehard neocons, such as my family, who will never forsake their
hypocrisy no matter what goes on. Even those in the military are waking
up to the truth. Are the neocon fools going to ignore their own idols
when they speak the truth? There is no doubt in my mind that all
bushbots are hellbound by the level of evil that Bush is involved with.
I know that only through God are all things possible but those who
support His enemies such as Bush are under the influence of the Evil One
and not likely open to truth.

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