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The Conspiracy To Divide Jerusalem

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

Mike Evans is right on in this. He is wondering why our government is
cooperating with all these terrorists organizations. Maybe his eyes are
finally opening to the truth. For him to be able to admit these things
means he has not sold his soul to the neocon propagandists. While our
enemies in this false war may be fake, the enemies of Israel are not.
They are the real terrorists, which proves that Bush is a terrorist
himself. Those who support him are oppressing Israel themselves and are
cursed and damned. Mike pointed out that it was when Clinton try to
divide Jerusalem that led up to 9/11. Just think if Bush succeeds in
dividing Jerusalem. It will be far worse than 9/11. What Mike and others
don’t understand is that those like Bush (he is not alone) do not have
consciences to appeal to. Denouncing Christ, as Bush has done, is not a
forgiveable sin the way I understand scripture. Besides we know that
these secret societies like SKULL & BONES commit the unpardonable sin.
We know that most leaders are beyond hope because the reason they got to
where they are at proves they have sold out to the god of this world. If
Jesus said that believers will betray each other and the love of most
will grow cold then what hope is there for godly leaders? Even the
religious leaders are antichrists. That proves how foolish it is to put
trust in man. Hypocrites act like trusting evil men is trusting God. No,
that is the opposite. Most everyone knows that McCain is corrupt, so
there are no excuses for vote for him. Those who believe in the lesser
of evils prove they do not know God or his word. Those who vote for
McCain or Obama bring condemnation on themself. Both will continue
abortion, betraying Israel, promoting terrorism, deny Christ as the only
way, among so many other treacherous things. Those who vote for them are
partaking in their sin. I have found that many republicans are voting
for Obama, which proves what nonsense this all is. The way so many are
sold to these two great evils proves the wicked hearts of the people. In
one of Jesus’ parables about subjects of a kingdom that did not want him
as king were to be brought before him and killed in front of him. People
had better wake up and take Jesus seriously because they are headed for
a nightmare that they cannot imagine. Coming from my background I can
have a pretty grim imagination and even mine cannot touch the reality of
hell. That is why Jesus warned against it so much to even dismember a
part of your body to make to escape it, and yet people are such wimps
they can’t even do without their hypocritical politics, which is stupid
lies. It seems like their is no way to get through to them. Even if they
could know exactly what they are headed for they still would be too
stupid to change.

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