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Republican Candidates Romney, Giuliani, McCain Repudiated Government Effort to Save Terri Schiavo

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This is old, but it demonstrates how the GOP is not pro – life and how they are deceiving Christians. Or at least those Christians that choose to be deceived that is.

Romney, who was supposedly the most pro-life among the candidates, was
the most outspoken against helping Terri Schiavo. All the republicans
are the biggest phonies. They will all burn in hell for their murderous
spirits. Same goes for those who support these vipers. All the
hypocrites talk about how pro-abortion Obama is but it was the
republicans that increased funding for abortion through our taxes. They
wil reap what they sow, even in this life. Our hypocrite of a governor
is not divinely protected. His governor mansion was burned downed
recently. Hypocrites talk about Obama being a divider but it was Bush
that has caused most division. Republicans are all divided now because
those who claim to be pro-life are wondering about McCain. Since there
seems like he may pick Joe Lieberman for VP will cause even more
division. Lieberman’s voting record proves he is pro-abortion. This
country will get exacty what it deserves if they vote for these

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