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Obama And McCain Courting Evangelicals: NO REAL DIFFERENCE!

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

There are no real differences between McCain and Obama. Both prove they
will say or do anything to get voters. Both are saying pretty much the
same on everything. Liars like the savage Weiner act like Obama is a
million times worse that McCain. He is a lying racist pig. That arrogant
fool acts like he has the power to sway the elections whatever direction
he wishes. I know he favors McCain, continuing to call him a war hero,
but I think Obama will probably get it by a landslide, proving that
arrogant fool wrong. He is going to be so busy eating crow. People are
fed up with the Rushes and the Savages (who pretend to be enemies though
they are on the same side). But because everyone is so fed up with the
neocons people are going to vote for Obama out of desperation. They
think he will stop the war, but I don’t think he will. Many republicans
and christians will end up voting for him. Well, if the masses weren’t
so deaf, dumb and blind they would realize both parties are the same.
Both will continue abortion an terrorize Israel. So how can any
christian wih a conscience vote for either? It is just the same old lie
of the lesser of evils, which both parties will rationalize for their
own. Fools wonder why there are so many murders and natural
catastrophies, so much death and destruction going on. It is that we are
reaping what we sow. As long as the slaughter of the unborn goes on it
will not get any better. This is why Ezek.35:6 says, “…Since you have
not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.” Remember that both
Hillary and Obama said that they would continue Bush’s policies toward
Israel, which they pretend are benign (the opposite in reality). So I
ask again, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? How can anyone think that the dems
are going to save them when they prove the same treachery? Both sides
are such liars acting like there is much difference between them. Both
may have differing styles but both will lead to destruction because
God’s word is true and every man a liar. God watches over his word to
perform it. If people think things are bad now, it is still much better
than we deserve. But time will catch up and God will not be mocked. The
tribulation will happen no matter how much the church is in denial and
think they will escape. Matt. 7:21 will prove their end. If Obama wins
we wll see hatred of the likes we have never seen before from the
neocons. Of course it would be that way if it was anyone else too, I
think. We see all the hateful murderous spirits of the neocons reveal
themselves. They are the reprobates that God gives over to their own
destruction. I hear other neocon shows want to put everyone that don’t
agree with them in consentration camps. The neocons are modern nazis. My
family has not learned because they still listen to those shows like
they are God. It is such blatant idolatry. They cannot go one day
without them. They would not give up these lying neocons for anything. I
give up on them. They are like dogs who return to their vomit. They will
reap what they sow. This is why we have the midwest floods. Other wicked
countries are getting judgment too. Look at China. I lost count from how
many they said have died from the quakes. I think it is over a million.
They have also had a catastrophy with fireworks which is why they are
scarce this year. They have become so incompetent that they not only
hurt those they trade with but even themselves. I look so forward to
God’s kingdom. There will be no neocons in heaven, so those who follow
after these fools would not enjoy heaven anyway because it would not fit
their foolish standards. They would not know what to do without some
lying schmuck giving them a load of garbage. Such people despise the
truth and will get what is coming to them.

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