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McCain Nixes Another Pastor’s Endorsement

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

All these televangelists are a laughing stock now. McCain not only has
refused Hagee’s endorsement but also Parsley’s as well. What ever will
these religious hypocrites ever do? They are probably so stupid to still
vote for him just like they continued to follow Bush after he has denied
Christ. It will get really interesting to see what kind of lame excuses
they will come up with now. Oh, there may be but a very few that might
wake up to reality from this, and praise God for any who do, but most
still won’t get it. Just like that recent article I sent you about the
babylonian apostate church that is corrupt to its core. Let me know what
kind of response you are getting about McCain, especially after his
refusal of these televagelists’ endorsements. I am interested to know if
there are a lot still backing McCain or what. Are any coming around to
supporting the constitution party? It is so funny that what comes around
goes around. Hypocrites tried to use Wright against Obama and now they
reap what they sow by their own tactics backfiring in their face. As
much as I don’t care for McCain it was a smart move to dump those
endorsements because those would have been a dark cloud over his head.
Even despite this he knows that most conservatives and professing
christians (evangelicals and televangelicals) are gullible pathetic
suckers that will end up supporting him anyway because of their idol,
the republican party. They are so full of it. Just like Dr. James Dobson
(a freemason) pretended he was really against McCain but has
backtracked. These fools are so predictable. McCain could make death
threats and fools would still support him. Those without God are
hopelessly stupid. Their souls match the dark empty void of where they
are headed.

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