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Bush Is A Terrorist

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

Recall that Bush is working to
force Israel to give up the Golan Heights to Syria, a terrorist nation
by this own administration’s definition. By this it will leave Israel
defenseless from their enemies and also cut off their source of fresh
water from Galilee. So now it is more than just the palestinians. If
Bush is supporting all these terrorists then someone needs to confront
those in the military to what they are doing, because we are not
fighting those who the president supports. Man, it is time to really
stick to to these lying bushbots and expose how phony the war on terror
is when Bush is one of them..You did get that whitehouse site exposing
Bush’s view that Christ isn’t the only way? I thought I sent that to you
but wasn’t sure? I’ll send it, even if I had before, just to make sure.
Well now no bushbot will get away with their pretensious garbage and
they are exposed for who the are. I told my family about the deal with
Syria and the whitehouse site and they were speechless. So maybe I am
getting through (maybe not too, but at least I tried). When I told this
my brother was upset but for once he did not have any comeback. God is
silencing the wicked. If people can learn how evil Bush is then maybe
they will catch on that it is pretty much the same with the rest of the
two party system and not bother voting for McCain and Obama. If everyone
would wake up and go for Constitution Party it would make the elitists
nervous. But as long as they cater to all the Billy Grahams and
televangelists they will never learn.

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