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John Hagee Heresy on Jesus as the Christ

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

This message is totally on the mark. This exposes Hagee as a pawn of the
antichrist. Well, we have read those scriptures about those who even
deny our sovereign Lord, and here is the proof. TBN should be boycotted
just over the likes of Hagee alone. Anyone who is supporting Hagee or
TBN are in real danger of hellfire, as well as warmongering, which this
addresses. Some other sites on this subject were a bit weak, almost
defending him, making excuses for his controversy as just a mere sales
gimmick. Well that is exactly how the bible describes false teachers,
stirring up controversy, sowing strife, and all for the love of money.
So how in the world does that let him off the hook? That makes him all
the more accountable. I just can’t understand how people are so
comfortable twisting God’s word, or comfortable with those who do. You
know, this is a good part of the reason why I fell from God a great
number of years ago because how those like my parents twisted God’s word
to where He sounded evil and hypocritical, you know, like the scriptures
about authority, which was only refering to being a lawful, law abiding
citizen, but how others twist it to defend wicked rulers. You know those
scriptures were not talking about that because there are scriptures
against wicked rulers. These liars are saying God’s word is divided.
These are the divisive devils that try to bring the truth into
disrepute. Woe to those who are guilty of this and how many souls they
turn away from Christ, like the pharisees who forbid others the truth.
It is no wonder why Jesus said that your righteousness must surpass that
of the pharisees. So many these days do not surpass them. There are no
scriptures defending wicked rulers. To say so would be calling Jesus a
liar because he said woe to them who call evil good and good evil. Well,
I notice the same ones that defend wicked rulers are the same ones who
attack righteous rulers or those who expose the deeds of darkness as
mentioned in Eph.5:11. That is why Jesus mentioned them both because it
would be very rare, if at all, that there would be just one. So that
makes very clear what Jesus said and how we can recognize them by the
dual fruits. So many fools provide their own rope to hang themselves
with. Like the scripture goes that by your own words you are either
justified or condemned. There will be no justifying the denial of Jesus
as the messiah.

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