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The Double – Minded Michael Savage And The Coward Sean Hannity!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Even though I am really losing patience with Michael Savage, he is half
truthful. The thing about him is that he is so schizo. One minute he
sounds like a truthful independent, then the very next minute he sounds
like a lying neocon. What I heard was interesting from one of the
callers. There was a caller on his show that called Hannity’s show and
mentioned Michael Savage. But on the radio Savage was omitted. What a
coward! Afraid to just mention a name. All these neocons are being
exposed for the sniveling cowards they are. Definitely blog this stuff.
I want to make an example of all these cowards, hypocrites, racists, and
strife sowers. What is a shame is that I cannot enjoy most of these
sites because of this webtv limitations. I really can’t enjoy any of the
live video stuff like youtube. Well I hope you can enjoy them. I was
particularly curious about the one where Hannity is literally running
from Ron Paul. Whenever his name is mentioned on these shows I have
never heard of such contempt and hatred for anyone. These neocons hate
Ron Paul so much that even Wright doesn’t come as close as being as
hated. Those shows you listen to probably hate Ron Paul with a passion
too. I really wouldn’t have the patience to listen to them, really none
of them, only Savage because he is half right. Are Hewitt and Medved
cowards to mention Ron Paul or Michael Savage? That is one good use of
Savage is that he riles these neocons, not that he is their polar
opposite, maybe just afraid of competition and maybe even the slightest
hint of truth. I guess they think in their minds that if they even
mention the name of Savage that their own listeners will dump them for
him. Same thing with the cowardly politicians. They are afraid to go on
the Savage Nation. Back when Rudy was running some of Savage’s fans
confronted and asked him if he would go on his show and he had a
terrified look on his face and didn’t answer. They are literally
cowards. They are afraid of the truth. They don’t want to be exposed for
what they know they are. They know that they are no-good sleeze
themselves. I don’t know how they sleep at night, especially knowing
what they are. This proves my family are empty souls that are filled up
with this garbage because of the spiritual void in their lives. That is
why they end up like carbon copies of these satanic neocons. That is why
they hate Ron Paul too. They can’t even tell me why they hate him so
much, only that they do. Well we know that Jesus said that anyone who
hates their brother (for no reason) is a murderer. There is no excuse
for those who claim to be christian to be so full of hate. They will
reap what they sow. They either sow to life or to damnation. Like that
recent article I sent you about the church exalting evil is that their
sins are piling up to heaven. They are storing up for the day of wrath.
Not just on a regular basis, but inceasingly and escalating. I hear from
so many sources how unbelievers are so turned off to anything christian
because of all these satanic neocons and televangelists. Satan has been
very successful in using these imposters to try to discredit
christianity. I really hope to undo all the damage they have done. That
is why I am dedicated to exposing this darkness. This is why satanism is
growing because of all the liars and cowards that bring a shame to
Christs name. Those who do that cannot expect any mercy for all the
souls they have corrupted. If any like this are truly repentant then
they will try to reverse the damage they have done. Like anything else,
repentance is not mere words, but action. Anyone can say that they are
sorry, but it takes real character to change.

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