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Spiritual Pyromaniacs False Charismatics!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Here is some eye opening stuff here. This talks about a lot of
ministries and their obsession with fire. Of course I know how one of
the book of the prophets talked about fire in his bones as well as the
cloven tongues of fire during the day of pentecost in Acts. But looking
into this stuff contextually goes a bit beyond that. As this mentions in
here that one conference was talking about an eternal king in eternal
fire (or something like that). That is easy to tell that that is not
biblical at all. Never does the bible say that the redeemed will be in
fire, because that is exactly what we are saved from. This article
exposes that FIRE is an occultic obsession. Satan is really getting
sloppy in these last days and this would be funny if so many sheeple
weren’t falling for such obvious lies. I guess Satan has no need to be
creative because people fall for the stupidest lies. Even though they do
not mention it here in this article, I realize that this is what Ron
Luce’s ACQUIRE THE FIRE is all about (acquiring the fire of hell). Talk
about a whole new way of looking at things. Satan thinks he is clever
with all the code talk like FIRE and DOMINION and WEALTH. Well, we are
here to shoot down all these lies. None of the liars will get a free
pass from those of us who care about the truth. I thank God that I
haven’t been in all this mess. You know that the laying on of hands from
these imposterous wolves is actually a tranference of spirits? It is a
curse. These frauds expose themselves to a degree. I have heard them
talk about those who they have prayed for who couldn’t keep their
healing, and kept coming back to the healing prayer lines. If these
preachers were real and genuine the healing would last. Nowhere is it
written in the bible that any have lost their healing from Jesus or any
of his disciples. My grandmother, when she was young, went through a
healing prayer line from one of these charismatic heretics (Mcpherson, I
think) that was involved in adulterous affairs. That may have been the
reason why she suffered so. Light and darkness cannot dwell in the same
place as the bible so clearly puts. So if someone is living a sinful
lifestyle they cannot possibly have the Holy Ghost. So say such a thing
would be blasphemy, but yet I have been told such by my own parents. It
seems like there is no end to their darkness. But yes, a sinful person
can have manifestations that are Satan’s counterfeit. Jesus so clearly
put it in Matt.7:14-20 that a good tree does not bear bad fruit or a bad
tree bear good fruit. That good cannot come from evil. People have to
snap out of all the lies from all these televangelist imposters. The way
it is going there will be more people in hell who follow after these
liars than the atheists and heathens. We will know a true revival is
when all these charlatans are put out of business when people wise up by
stop giving to these vile phonies. But I know how unlikely that is when
the bible talks about great apostasy of these end times and all those
who love lies and delight in wickedness.

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