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Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This is an excellent article I came across exposing the technique of
these feel-good liars. My family is infected with this moral relativism
crap. Whoever they want to believe in they make endless excuses for
them, to the point of denying sin and what is in scripture. I told them
about Pat Robertson being a part of Al Gore’s global warming team,
because they had been ranting about global warming themselves, and they
just dismissed it as senility. I told them that senility was not found
in the bible and didn’t make excuses for it. My dad thought he was smart
when he said that tuburculosis wasn’t mentioned in the bible either, to
which I told him that TB doesn’t affect anyone’s judgment. They
blatantly lie about the scripture that says “out of the abundance of the
heart does the mouth speak.” They say senility is from the head, not the
heart, again contradicting scripture. If any of these false teachers
teach stuff that is even obviously false to even them, it is not heresy,
only senility. They cannot prove it, it is just what they want to
believe. Sin doesn’t exist for them and who they hold as idols. It only
exist for those who don’t believe like they do. I have written to a few
of these false teachers (wolves) in which they are all the same. They
all show pure hatred and intolerance for even the slightest
disagreement. The fact that they cannot even come up with scripture to
defend their own views and lash out proves what spirit they are really
of. Senility is not an excuse for teaching lies. Nowhere does the bible
excuses false teachers for senility or anything. This is the same excuse
they have used for Billy Graham. All who believe this way are damned if
they don’t repent because that is saying that God is a liar and
contradict his word. They deny the existence of false teachers, which
bible clearly says will be in the last days. Even common sense will tell
you this. If someone truly loves God they will not become senile, or
even if they do will not cause them to believe lies. The only people God
gives over to lies are those who do not love Him or the truth. So if one
is senile, that in itself may be wicked fruits exposing who they are.
Why do you think the bible instructs us to renew our mind with his word?
That is mocking God and calling him a liar that he would let someone
true to become false. If we renew our mind with God’s word then how can
we become senile? That is blaspheming his word and saying that his word
does not really renew our minds. I cannot find senility in the scriptres
at all. Can you? I know you may have qualms about putting this type of
stuff about my family on the blog but this is important. Many are going
to hell believing in such lies. I am pretty sure my family is beyond
hope but maybe those who are just getting sucked into such lies will
have their eyes open before they totally sell out. In the end we will
know those who really love truth from those who don’t. There is a reason
why God will not allow liars in heaven. God bless you and keep strong
for the truth.

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