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Rev. Rob Schenck on ‘Hannity’s America’

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Wow! This makes it abundantly clear that Schenck is without a doubt a
neocon pandering to a coward like Hannity. Schenck has before pretended
to be neutral but we see his true colors now. Why won’t this hypocrite
talk about the republicon’s TITLE X FUNDING? Nothing about Wright could
be worse than increasing the funding of this atrocity. Bring this out
and expose this HYPOCRITE, SCHENCK.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Marxist-Communist “theology” threatens the church and the country.

This weekend I appeared on Fox News Network’s “Hannity’s America” to expose this real and present danger and talk about my confrontation of Rev. Wright. Please watch this piece right away and pass along the link to your family, friends and fellow church members—you’ll find the link below.

I cannot get this urgent message out unless you help me. I need your financial support immediately if I’m to continue all of our current efforts and add this one! Please donate now and help me get this warning out to Americans before it’s too late. To donate click here or go

Thank you for helping us warn pastors, church leaders and all church-going Americans about this terribly dangerous so-called “theology” that threatens to take the country by storm as we approach Election Day!

To view this important “Hannity’s America” video, click here.

Please watch and donate now!

Your missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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