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People Running The War Are Not Keeping The Cost Of Oil Down!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This article shows you what morons are in charge of this war that they
are not doing anything about the oil costs when they can. This proves
that Bush and them are conspiring to deplete this country of oil when
they won’t take iraqi oil or do any drilling here. This is complete
insanity. Why isn’t Bush impeached? His offenses go way beyond this and
should be arrested for treason. What is this stupid war for if it is not
for oil? This proves how false this war is. What is also stupid is our
occupation of all the countries we have warred with way back. I guess it
is just the new world order, which proves we are the most communistic
nation there is, trying to control the world. It also sounds like McCain
is truly following in the footsteps of Bush because he sounds like a
moron too. There is no hope from our leaders when they are all morons.
Some think that McCain is a set-up to make Hillary win. I don’t know
because there are an awful lot of stupid neocons. If we only have the
choice we have now by voting time I think most will no vote.

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