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Is The Church Exalting Evil?

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This is a powerful article!. This exposes
a lot of the church corruption. Even about the true sabbath (7th day)
which the whole church has forsaken. Then also like those who think that
church activity excludes them from wrath and judgment. I have always
felt that my brother has a guilty complex the way he is wrapped up in
his church. All those like him think they are untouchable. The church is
responsible for how a nation goes. The church has failed in Nazi Germany
that brought on the holocaust. I have brought that up many times with my
family in times past but they just ignore it and act like it is
different now than then, but it is no different. The nazi holocaust is
proof of church failure. So how can these arrogant churches think they
are any different and think they are beyond failure? God is no respecter
of persons. Americans are no better than germans. All are accountable.
Well through this article the readers can’t say that they were not warned!

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