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Hypocrite George W. Bush Negotiates With And Funds Terrorists (Hamas!)

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This article proves the hypocrisy of Bush and his doctrine of not
negotiating with terrorists, which he himself is he biggest violater of.
He not only negotiates to the palestinian terrorists, he funds them,
$150 million. Why can’t anyone catch on to such obvious lies? If Bush
and his administration are such zionists then why are they funding their
enemies? None of the lying, anti-semitic crackpots can answer that. Both
sides are so full of lies. Both the right and the left will not expose
the true corruption because they both are all a part of it. The left
doesn’t attack Bush for his pro-illegal policies or his pro-homosexual
policies, because they are in agreement. Both sides are against Israel
and so none of them present a true arguement. That is why this partisan
politics between the left and the right is such a scam and a joke. They
are all about nothing. It is just a charade to divert people from the
truth, much like how ancient Rome did. It is no coincident that our
government is pattern after Rome, and like them we are headed for the
same downfall as them. That is if everyone buys into their lying

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