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Bush A Liability For McCain!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This is interesting. McCain’s affiliation with Bush is hurting him.
Another good side by side comparison to do since Wright’s affiliation
with Obama is hurting him then just bring out McCain’s affiliation with
the preachers that endorse him. There are two that I know of, John Hagee
and Rod Parsley. Maybe you know more. After seeing this poll maybe there
is hope that the majority of the people are not neocons. Then that would
also mean that there is even a lot better chance that most people can’t
stand most televangelists, like the clowns that are endorsing McCain and
flat out lie about him being a conservative and a christian. Anyone who
believes McCain is a christian needs professional help. That whole
morals thing about him is such a sham. There you go. You can be
sarcastic and say that “McCain is very moral, he betrays POWs and
collaborates with vietnamese communists. He screams obscenities at those
who disagrees with him. He is a real upstanding sociopath that needs
your vote in November.” I would change my party affiliation but it is
such a hassle and really don’t know how to go about it. Important thing
though is I am never voting for a neocon ever again. I watched some
reality tv show in which there was this one girl who is a republican and
she is the most conceited and obnoxious person out of the whole group
(not much on looks either). They can all go to hell. No doubt they will.
Those neocon heathens don’t know the first thing about God. God hates
the proud and is why they are all going down. So between Bush and
televangelists, McCain may not stand much of a chance. Even though all
these candidates basically stand for the same things I will not put up
with another egomaniacal neocon. Then when the neocons lash out at
democats we can use their own standards against them. I have never read
a bible that said we must respect only republican authority. We will see
if the hypocrites will be content to just pray if a democrat gets it.
But the bible says that we are to hold all believers accountable whether
they are true or not. So if someone claims to be of Christ doesn’t mean
we should give them a pass, but to the contrary we hold them to higher
standards and are all the more accountable. If judgment begins in God’s
house then the hypocrites will not get away.

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