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A Testimony of Jesus Christ (JUDGMENT OF HYPOCRITES)

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Well, like I have mentioned in another message that the
pretrib rapture theory started from a catholic girl, Margaret Mcdonald,
back in 1830. Before this time this theory did not exist. It is amazing
how many protestants think they are so different from catholics when
they have nearly accepted most all of their customs from them. So you
see that it is not hard at all for protestants to compromise by
accepting catholics for their beliefs. I used to consider myself
protestant but now I don’t because it is as much of a lie as
catholicism. The only thing is that you still might have to use that in
order for others to understand about supposedly not accepting the
catholic heresy. But maybe not. You can’t use evil to fight evil, or one
heresy to fight another. I guess the only real label we can go by is
TRUTH. It is a very sad fact that you cannot find any true churches.
Even those who worship on the true sabbath are false themselves. But
about Matthew 24:50-51, and even the verses that lead up to it talks
about servants. Heathens are not servants. Verse 51 talks about the
wicked servant being assigned with the HYPOCRITES, it does not say he is
assigned with the HEATHENS. So I take God’s word for what it says and
makes it abundantly clear that this is judgment against hypocrites that
pretend to be holy. Heathens don’t pretend to be holy. Heathens are not
God’s servant. I know we have been lied to all our lives but you have to
emerse yourself in truth and not these lies. They are all the vain
traditions of men, just like this pretrib rapture. If there was no
distinction for hypocrites then explain Matt.7:21-23 where they claim to
perform miracles in his name. Heathens do not perform miracles in his
name. Those who swallow these lies are as bad as swallowing the pretrib
lies. You may think there is no dfference because both are damned but
the bible is very clear to the differing levels of punishment for those
who have known truth but have rejected from those who haven’t known
truth. This has been in all my recent messages, like the second chapter
of second Peter, that clearly talks about false teachers and their
judgment. It talks about the wicked teachers deceiving those who come
out of error (heathens). You see the distinctions between heathen and

Sorry if I am overreacting but I really hate lies, no matter
what they are. Jesus warned his own disciples against the leaven of the
pharisees. If they could have been corrupted then anybody can be. In
Luke 13:24 Jesus talked about how hard it is for even the righteous to
enter in. He said that many will try to enter the narrow gate but will
not be able to. The same ones that teach lies about the rapture are the
same ones that teach lies about judgment. I am not the only one saying
this. Like I have told you before that Bishop Earthquake Kelley has
talked about about false teachers in the last days dropping dead.

Sounds to me a lot like Matt.24:51. Jesus doesn’t hate heathens but he hates
hypocrites. Heathens don’t damn souls, at least not to the degree of
hypocrites. That is why Jesus will take the tares (hypocrites) out in
order for there to be opportunity for salvation. He is really fed up
with false teachers damning souls to hell. I hope you can really get
this. Come on, you know that if this judgment of Matt.24:50-51 was all
the wicked there would be no need for the battle of Armageddon. This
also explains Matt.7:21-23, where the false teachers are taken off guard
by their miracles and don’t have the mark of the beast. So you know
Matt. 24:51 is not a generalization of the lost, but wicked servants, as
it plainly says. That is why I get fed up with all the liars teaching
that Matt.24:51 is refering to heathens when it makes it clear that it
is not. That is as absurd as saying that 2Thess.2:3 of FALLING AWAY as
meaning CATCHING AWAY, two opposite meanings. Sure, there may be certain
scriptures that are not very clear but Matt.24:51 is abundantly clear
that nobody should be able to get wrong. But most seem to love lies no
matter how silly they are. Those who are teaching such lies may be the
ones to be taken away in this judgment. So you see why I do not take
such lies lightly. Of course all these false teaching hypocrites will
not point out the judgment of hypocrites because they are among those
who will be judged. They will not tell truth of such matter. That is why
I distance myself from them. God commands us to come out from them lest
we partake in their judgment. People are in real danger if they do not
take hypocrisy seriously. Those who avoid telling the truth about
hypocrisy causes false sense of security by no urgency towards the
matter. That is why there is so much apathy and complacency. If people
would realize that they could be among those hypocrites called to
judgment they might would snap out of it and get right with God. Where
there is lack of conviction there is a lack of God. It is all these
false teachers that are promoting indifference, saying that we are all
okay and that nothing can happen to America. Don’t you realize that a
terrorist attack like a nuke going off in a city might be a massive call
to judgment? But the church is much like our public education system,
trying to dumb down everyone from knowing the truth. This is why corrupt
people like Bush are succeeding because he has all the lie-loving fools
eating out of his hand. During Jesus whole earthly ministry he had to
contend with hypocrites. He called them a brood of vipers. Tell me where
he called and ordinary sinner such names? His parables were against
hypocrites. He had no stronger words for any other than hypocrites.
Those who know what Jesus taught would know this. Like I have also said
all along that hypocrites are the most vile evil people. I get that from
the very words of Christ. Where have you failed to see that?

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