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Talk To Action: Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

This article is the first of an eight part series with links to the rest
in this called THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE TAKERS, which further exposes
that LEFT BEHIND:ETERNAL FORCES video game. I find out that these
DOMINIONISTS are much more twisted the more I find out about them. They
seem to be a violent cult. You’ll noticed towards the end of this
article where the comments are is one that tells of them committing
child abuse. Those who have been in these dominionist cults have been
tramatized. This proves just how accurate Jesus was when he spoke about
christians turning on each other as well as great apostasy. Guess which
popular figure is supposedly encouraging this abuse? Ron Luce. These
devils are showing their true colors. Man, will they ever have serious
judgment coming to them.

Here is more on that DOMINIONISM. This is shocking that this blasphemy
is going on. It appears that these dominionists are the servants of
Satan to do the antichrist’s bidding.

This article is about the CUT AND RUN COWARDS. Besides Tim Lahaye and
Rick Warren also mentions James Dobson of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY as well as
Jerry Falwell. They are all silent on this but yet they had spoken
against violent videogames in the past. It seems like they are on the
take or something. You see with all the evil fruits of this LEFT BEHIND
garbage proves all the more of what a lie this pretrib rapture theory is
by the kind of inspiration it inspires. It encourages lawlessness which
is directly of the antichrist. The very fools that think they are
fighting the antichrist are the ones who are actually following his
example. I encourage you to speak out against this, not just the LEFT
BEHIND book and game but also this pretrib rapture lie becuse of all its
evil fruit and how it is promoted by all the liars and charlatans. I
don’t mean that you should condemn all who believe that way but give
warning by all the evidence, both scriptures and the evil fruits by
those who promote this lie. This is about exposing the frauds of the
neocons and that they do not speak for the rest of christianity.

Here is some good news. There has been a boycott against that
blasphemous game, even though those cowards were still silent. I’ll have
to try to find more recent update on this since all this was some time

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Fascism, State Capitalism and Outsourcing

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

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The Rapture Is A Lie From Roman Catholic Margaret Mcdonald!

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

You know before how I told you I was brought up and believed most of my
life about the pretribulation rapture, or the secret rapture? Well I
have been giving it some serious thought and asked God to show me, and
sure enough, it is a total lie. I searched the scriptures and could not
find any supporting scripture for the pertribulation rapture. In fact
these are the kind of sriptures I found: 1 Thess.5:2, “for you know very
well that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.” Verse
4, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should
surprise you like a thief.” Then in 2 Peter 3:10 tells us what the day
of the Lord is, “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The
heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by
fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” That really
leaves no room for doubt. After looking into more on the subject of the
pretrib rapture I find out that this did not exist before the 1800s. It
was a catholic woman, Margaret Mcdonald, that started this heresy. So to
me this is not a matter of opinions but heresy. That is not to say that
those who believe in the pretrib rapture are lost but are in danger of
being deceived and maybe lose their faith when they find out the
opposite. But those false teachers that emphatically promote this lie
are lost. They make up lies that are so obvious like the “falling away”
actually means “catching away.” Well that is a flat out attack on the
word of God and calling him a liar. We know that the falling away is
exactly how it sounds because this is not an isolated scripture as the
liars would have you believe because the apostasy that is the falling
away of 2 Thess.2:3 is supported by the very words of Jesus in
Matt.24:10. The liars leave so much out by omission. They’ll quote 1
Thess.4:16-18, to which there is no indication of a specific time, while
they don’t go on to the next chapter like those I mentioned before about
the day of the Lord. They also use scriptures about the church not being
appointed unto wrath. I guess they don’t understand the wrath of God
because His wrath is eternal. Here are other scriptures that pretribs
don’t want you to know about: Romans 8:18, “I consider that our present
sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed
in us.” Romans 8:35-39 talks about there being no suffering or death or
anything that shall separate us from the love of God. This proves that
there will be tribulation. Those who teach the lie know that they are
because they manipulate God’s word and omit so much. This is really no
different than the prosperity charlatans that use scriptures to justify
their false teachings and greed. I have written to one of these liars
and he could never answer any scriptures I brought up that proved his
lies wrong, but instead slandered me. That is the diversionary tactic of
liars and wolves. They can’t answer truthfully with scripture because
they know they are liars and so they just attack, exposing their true
hateful natures. Besides what I mentioned here was also Rev.20:4, which
clearly says that only the souls beheaded for Christ’s sake shall reign
with him. Well if the pretribs were right then that would have to mean
that Jesus rewards those who are left behind rather  than those who are
vigilant. You see that their lies make no sense at all. And of course
they love to condemn those who don’t believe like them to hell, proving
their hateful strifeful nature. Then some of these liars have claimed
that people’s faith are destroyed by the truth. If that does then they
were never in truth to begin with. Their faith was based upon a lie.
Only the truth sets people free. Jesus was clear that those who did not
want to take up their cross to follow him were not worthy of him. This
also shows such a lack of gratitude, being delivered from eternal
damnation, but yet cannot take a little persecution in this life, which
is such a small price by comparison. Jesus was also clear that the
wicked and lazy servant in his parable of the talents will not enter
God’s kingdom. The bible is clear that it is those who teach contrary to
God’s word are the strife sowers as mentioned in Romans 16:17, not those
who defend the sound doctrine of His word. Plus also all you have to do
is examine the fruits of those who teach the pretrib lies. Just like
this article here exposes all their wicked fruit. Even though I don’t
agree with everything in this it is right on in most cases. This proves
how apostate the condition of the church is. Besides this we also have
all these phony televangelists that are big time promoters of these lies
which is another nail in the coffin of the pretrib lie that is being
exposed. Most of them are globalists and newagers and are using these
lies for their own agenda. Jack Van Impe is now coming out and talking
about the reality of the mark of the beast. He seemed very worried over
it. Why would that be if he really believes in the pretrib lie? But I
have looked around and there are many like how I was that was not very
sure about this subject, but like me, a few are seeing the truth that
there is no evidence of a pretrib rapture. To those who are open there
is hope. But there is little hope for those who are sold out to a lie.
Those like these false teachers are the ones who really need to worry
because they may be the ones that Jesus will come back to cut to pieces
and sentence judgment upon as mentioned in Matt.24:50-51. Well if Jesus
comes back to execute judgment without warning that means there would
not be a heads-up by a massive disappearance of a secret rapture. This
pretrib lie seems to be the main catalist for the endtime apostasy.
Matt.24:39-41 compares the endtimes to the days of Noah in which he and
his family remained while the wicked were taken away by the flood. Using
that same context indicates that the missing ones were the wicked and
the righteous left behind, like the tares and chaff separated from the
wheat first. There is still a lot that I don’t fully understand, so I
don’t pretend to know it all, but I understand scripture that is as
plain as day. I believe the rapture of judgment is specifically the
hypocrites and false teachers and not the general godless masses. This
means that Jesus has less patience for the hypocrites than the heathens.
What I am not clear on is if it is a separate rapture or if it is the
same one as the righteous. In Matt.24:40-41 talks about those who taken,
but really doesn’t say how they are taken. It really doesn’t say they
will mysteriously disappear. So if everything taken into context by
comparison of the days of Noah, we know that the wicked didn’t
mysteriously disappear but were killed by the flood. So now for the
hypocrites may just be taken as in deaths and not disappearances. Paul
said that it is appointed unto man one time to die and then the
judgment. This proves that a call to judgment may very well be in the
form of deaths. This also reminds me of Bishop Earthquake Kelley’s
message about false teachers dropping dead in these last days. Well, I
guess it is impossible to know everything and how it will all go down.
The important thing is to live a blameless life in the eyes of God so
there will be no shame when standing in His presence.

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On The Secret Rapture Heresy

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

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Oprah Winfrey: New Age Heretic

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Last night Michael Savage mentioned this, comparing it to the Waco
incident under Clinton. This proves how much alike him and Bush are. He
said that this is just a distraction to cover up all the corruption
going on like the Bear Sterns scandal. When I start hearing about this
on the news that is exactly what was going through my mind, like another
Waco all over again. I know polygamy is wrong, but why is the government
so concerned about this when much worse is going on? We know the answer
to that. I also caught some of Oprah talking abot the NEW EARTH book she
is pushing. It is a bunch of newage psychobabble. It does mention
Christ, a false one, that is. They had all these testimonials praising
this book. Both christians and catholics said that it had opened their
eyes about Jesus. They said that it wasn’t about his mission to
sacrifice himself on the cross but only as teaching a way of life. Well
of course that is in it in part but to deny the cross is flat out
satanic. There was one that was a cancer survivor that was a christian
or just religious and she said that this book has opened her eyes to the
truth of Jesus. Then she was quite enthused when she talked about going
to Vegas (SIN CITY). Well we see the fruits of this for what it is. This
book does not go into what Christ really taught but came up with
nonsense phrases like “Christ-consciousness,” which is not in the bible.
Oprah claims to be a christian but is just another satanic imposter
doomed to the blackest darkness that is reserved for all false teachers.
Her fruits are so obvious. She has transexuals on her show and pushes
all kinds of filth like that. Also that this book is so widely accepted
is proof of how false it is. You can tell just by the mere terminology.
Whenever most talk about biggotry and tolerance or not being judgmental
they are talking about all religions being equal. These liars are not
following Christ because they would know that he said that he was the
only way. According to the world we are judgmental for following the
true Christ and obeying his word and believing him when he said that he
is the only way. What I can’t understand is why these hypocrites even
pretend to follow Christ when they ignore all his teachings and call him
a liar. What will these fools say when they stand before ALMIGHTY GOD?
You think they will lie to his face and say that he is intolerant? I
don’t think so. The will mourn at his return. But yes He is intolerant,
intolerant of sin. So if you don’t take up your cross to follow him then
you are not worthy of him and tolerance of sin will condemn your soul to
hell. So yes in order to be saved you better be intolerant. When God
restores righteousess he will first purge the earth of all the effects
of sin. In 2 Peter chapter 3 talks about the heavens melting with
fervent heat. This proves how much God hates sin. Those who do not hate
sin are not of God. They do not love him but hate him. Another one of
the testimonials came from a soldier in Iraq and Oprah and her audience
basically was bowing down to him like the catholics that venerate their
saints. All this idolatry and lies proves what direction we are headed
in. It will not get any better if all this nonsense keeps up. Also other
stuff from that book spouted a bunch of psychology nonsense that sounded
like it was written by a moron. You know neither of us have anyhing to
worry about because we are so sick of all this crap and prove that we do
not love this world. You are right about Oprah. She is as false as false
can be. She had an actress on there that was in a common law marriage,
which is not a marriage at all but living together, and Oprah praised
that. That proves that she does not know the bible and stands for
everything that is against it. This proves any fool can claim to be
christian. The way things are going I think Satan probably claims to be
a christian. Those who buy into all this garbage like Oprah, New Earth,
Bush, warmongering churches, and all other corrupt ways of this world
have much to worry about because those as such are not really saved
according to the bible. This is the broad path that leads to

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False prophets of evangelicalism

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Wow! I am surprised that this is coming from Joseph Farah. He comes out and says these are con men. Even used the reference of Matt.7:22-23. They are getting exposed left and right. Even though he says he is not
their judge we know where they are headed. If the bible talks about it being hard for the righteous to make it (Luke 13:24/1 Peter 4:18) then you know charlatans will not make it, especially wolves like them. Of course he probably doesn’t know all that we know.

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Pat Robertson converts to ‘global warming’

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Guess who is joining the global warming bandwagon? Also Rick Warren. No
surprise there since he is a satanic communist. These phonies are
revealing themselves more and more. Maybe this is an answer to prayer
because less people will follow these kooks now that they are getting
exposed for what they are. PRAISE GOD!

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A True Church?

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

This is awesome! You know before I wasn’t sure so I wasn’t so outspoken,
but now all these false apostles are showing their true colors and so I
am shouting their wicked deeds from the rooftops. Their will be no mercy
for these ruthless deceivers or those who follow them. Christians on the
broad path would have been better for them to have not known the way of
truth then to know it and turn their back on it. It is one thing for a
heathen that is ignorant of God’s word, but there is no excuse for a
christian to be ignorant and defy God’s word. This is why hypocrites
will have more harsh judgment against them then all else. These false
christians have to know they are wicked when they defy God’s word and
fight those who do God’s will. Christians in other countries are not
persecuted for just being christians or just praying, but for doing the
will of God. Satan is not threatened by spiritual wimps and those who do
not oppose him because he knows he already has them. We know the fruits
of those who still support Bush after he has denounced Jesus as the ony
way. Who will think they can escape the judgment of God when they align
themselves with this antichrist? McCain calls christians agent of
intolerance, yet the false will still support him. All the false are
exposed by who they cover for and who they put their trust in. Putting
your trust in any man is wrong enough, but to trust the wicked over God
is self evident and contradictory. Those who put their trust in the
military will be betrayed by them when martial law comes. When that day
comes will you fools still support the troops? Will you support your own

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McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam!

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Here is how I found out about Rod Parsley’s endorsement of McCain. This exposes his fleshly warmongering and hatred. I believe those like him are not ignorant but are deliberate plants of Satan to destroy the
church. He can lie with a bold face and say McCain is conservatve and christian proves that he is a lying devil. Everyone knows where all liars go. Most of the comments on this is good too, even though there are heathens and muslims. You will see how stuff like this brings Christ’s name into disrepute. There is no doubt that all these televanglists are damned to the lake of fire!

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Christian Idolatry by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Rod Parsley has come out and endorsed McCain. Man, these televangelists can lie with such a straight face proves where they and their followers are going. I heard that McCain wants Condi Rice as vice president
running mate. This proves that they are all the same. No real christian can support these Israel haters. McCain is the same as Bush without the religious facade. Also like what I had forwarded you that McCain is not
a natural born citizen. This proves that republicans are the most lawless people around. Those who follow such prove their hatred for God and are eternally damned. Those who support the wicked will be judged along with them!

This column is archived at

(c) Chuck Baldwin

“Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.” (1 Corinthians 10:14 KJV)
This is a strange verse, is it not? After all, the Apostle Paul is addressing Christians. How can Christians be guilty of idolatry? I thought idolatry was something that only heathens could be guilty of committing. Yet, Paul plainly addressed believers when he said, “my dearly beloved.”

Christian idolatry: I submit it is more rampant than anyone wants to admit.

Simply put, idolatry is the sin of giving someone or something a place of preeminence above the Lord God. It is the violation of the First of the Ten Commandments. And, yes, Christians can be just as guilty of this sin as unbelievers.

In these United States, there is perhaps no area where the sin of idolatry is more universally practiced than in the area of government. Call it civil affairs, or politics, or affairs of state. Call it what you will, the result is the same: Christians by the millions have surrendered Christ’s authority and principles to humanism and pragmatism.

For one thing, a sizeable number of believers allowed President George W. Bush to redefine their Christian principles almost out of existence. They willingly looked the other way while Bush betrayed his word (not to mention the Constitution) and catapulted conservative principles into outer darkness. To the point, that they can now even support someone as liberal as John McCain and still call him a “conservative.”

I will say it straight out: any Christian or conservative who supports John McCain has no principles left worth defending!

Can anyone remember when George W. Bush ran for the White House in 2000, promising the American people that he would pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy? So much for that promise.

George W. Bush has orchestrated the most meddlesome, interventionist, and nation-building foreign policy of any President in modern memory. And Christians became his most vocal supporters. Now, John McCain gets in front of international television and jokes about bombing Iran, and once again, Christians stand up and cheer.

Christians have swallowed the Bush/McCain Kool-Aid as surely as did the followers of Jim Jones. They are drunk with denial and deception.

Bush promised the American people that he would promote less government spending. He then turned around and led the U.S. government to borrow and spend more taxpayer dollars than any President since Lyndon Johnson. And, again, Christians looked the other way.

President Bush promised the American people that he would preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. He promised to respect the Bill of Rights, including the Fourth Amendment.

Since becoming President, however, George W. Bush has ignored the Constitution and trampled the Bill of Rights, especially the Fourth Amendment, with utter abandonment. And what did Christians do? They either looked the other way or, in some cases, even lauded his unconstitutional conduct.

How could Christians sacrifice their principles and convictions so easily? How could they be so willing to surrender their loyalties–both to Christ as the organic Sovereign of this land, and to constitutional government, which is, itself, built on Biblical principles?

Some Christians would say they are supporting President Bush because he is “one of us.” Of course, this reasoning betrays logic. If George W. Bush is truly “one of us,” he should be held to a higher–not lower–standard. That we would be willing to look the other way because Bush is “one of us” is repulsive to true Christian principles. Plus, it brings Christianity as a whole into disrepute with unbelievers. And this is exactly what has happened. Instead of unbelievers being attracted to Christ and His Word, George W. Bush–and the Christians who follow him–have turned unbelievers away from Christ. Bush and Company have made it harder–not easier–to present Christ to a lost and dying world. And that goes for people in foreign countries as well as people in America.

However, I am convinced that the reason Christians support President Bush is not because he is a professing born-again Christian. I say that because these same people are now also supporting John McCain, a man who has never professed a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ. Oh, he claims to be a “Christian” in a general sense, but what politician doesn’t?

McCain is also a man who has consistently betrayed conservative principles throughout his political career. He has even lampooned and denigrated Christian people, calling them “agents of intolerance.” Yet, today Christians are supporting John McCain. Why? It is not because of his religious profession. It is not because of a conservative track record. Why are they supporting him, then? Why are they willing to surrender their convictions? There is only one reason: John McCain (like George W. Bush) is a REPUBLICAN.

There it is: countless millions of professing Christians will eagerly abandon their commitment to constitutional government and Biblical principles in order to accommodate a Republican Presidential candidate. In the minds of many Christians, the Republican Party is more important than the U.S. Constitution. It is more important than conservative principles or even Biblical injunctions. In essence, the Republican Party has become an IDOL in the hearts and minds of many professing believers.

So, how can we ask God to bless America when God’s children have set up the groves of idolatry in their hearts? How can we expect God to heal our land when Christian pastors, Sunday School teachers, deacons, ushers, and faithful church members place more loyalty and allegiance in a political party than they do in the very Word and principles of God?

As surely as the pagans of the Old Testament worshipped before the gods of Baal and Ashteroth, many Christians worship before the GOP. They are willing to sacrifice their children to the policies and practices of unscrupulous, evil politicians–as long as they have an “R” behind their names. They will turn their back on their pastors, their churches, their friends, and their commitments before they will turn their backs on the Republican Party.

To many Christians, God cannot work in America outside the Republican Party. God cannot bless America, except through the Republican Party. There is no success, no help, no assistance, and no redemption except through the Republican Party. If this is not idolatry, I do not know what is!

If Christians will support John McCain, they will support anyone. Support for John McCain means no principle is sacred; no conviction is secure.

It is one thing for radio and television talking heads to allow themselves to be Republican lackeys for profit. It is quite another thing for pastors and Christians to allow themselves to idolize the GOP for no good reason at all.

Why can Christians not see what their blind loyalty is doing to our country? Why can they not rise, as did Daniel and the Hebrew children, for truth and right? Do they not realize that God may want to use some other vehicle, some other source, some other instrument than the GOP to bring restoration and revival to America? And if He did, how would Christians today recognize or understand it? Has it not dawned on our brethren that the GOP may have become lost beyond redemption, and that they are being led as blind men–by blind men–into the ditch? And would they know it, if they were?

Oh, Christian friend, please open your eyes! Take a good, hard look at truth. Remember our history. Put your confidence in God and right, and throw off the fetters of blind loyalty to Republican compromise. Bind our civil magistrates down with the chains of the Constitution. If you do not, they will certainly bind us down with the chains of oppression (which they are already doing). If we, as Christians, cannot hold our civil leaders accountable to the Constitution, how in the name of common sense can we hold our churches and our children accountable to the Bible? It is no coincidence that we are losing constitutional government and Biblical practice simultaneously. They indeed go hand in hand.

When our Christian forebears fought our War for Independence, they had one motto: No King But Jesus. The day that our brethren reclaim that spirit and tear down the political altars they have erected to the GOP is the day God might begin to bring life and restoration back to America.

“Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.”

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