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The Church In Apostasy By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on April 29, 2008

This is a great one too. The devotion to Bush above Christ is proof of
an apostate church. The churches have effectively brainwashed most
everyone to be bushians than christians. This is so evident. It is not
just that of mere silence about Bush’s evil but they go into a demonic
frenzy whenever anyone dare speak the truth about Bush’s evil. This
overeaction and overprotectiveness over such a corrupt figure is obvious
wicked fruit in that they condone and are at one with this evil. These
hypocrites only defense is to “just pray.” Would these hypocrites say
“just pray” during Hitler’s holocaust? Well I am convinced if Hitler was
a republican I would say YES. These hypocrites would pass the buck and
blame the democrats for it. I had a little hope for Michael Savage but
probably knew it would be too good to be true about him coming around to
the truth. Lately he has been having guests on his show praising Bush
and McCain and he is calling McCain a war hero, which is an absolute
lie. Savage is such a hypocrite. He talks against dopers while he even
admits his own drunkeness. What is the difference? They are both
substance abuse. I am going to have to forget talk radio altogether
because it is all crap. While even that COAST TO COAST is interesting at
times it gets too much. I really get sick of it when they get someone on
there that claims to be a christian but yet discredits most of the
bible’s teachings. I can understand why there is coming a day of wrath
from God. My spirit is full of holy fury when I hear all this blasphemy

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