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Pseudo – Christian Hypocrites Will Criticize Jeremiah Wright But Not George Bush!

Posted by soldierservant on April 29, 2008

Michael Savage, in his folly of thinking that we actually liberated
Iraq, has said that they are the most ungrateful people that they are
not willing to repay our help with their oil. So you see, even those who
are ignorant as to what all is really going on recognize what a crock
this war is. Only a complete moron and fool would say everything is
going alright. Only a bloodthirsty lunatic wants 100 years of war. The
reason why I do not respect our military is that a lot of them go along
with this corruption with no conscience at all. Even after the horrors
they faced and the benefits they are being cheated of still support this
scam. So I will not even pretend that our military is virtuous or
righteous. They are willing accomplices to Bush’s evil. This will be
more than evident when martial law comes into effect. If they are
willing to do evil there then they are willing to do evil here and turn
their weapons against us. I thought it was interesting as I am reading
through Peretti’s book “MONSTER” mentions corporate corruption and even
the CARLISLE group (page 199), which you have probably heard has close
ties with Bush. They are involved in that Bear Sterns bail-out scandal.
There is no denying Bush’s affiliation with that corrupt Enron company.
Bush is tied in with the very people neocons condemn, like Al Gore. This
proves that the neocons are the biggest bunch of lying hypocrites to
walk the face of the earth. In my opinion they would outdo the pharisees
of Jesus time by comparison by the level of their hypocrisy. These lying
fools condemn Obama by his affiliation with his pastor but yet will not
condemn Bush for all his affiliations (SKULL & BONES, the terrorist
saudi family, funding palestinians against Israel, Al Gore, John Kerry,
Bill Clinton, and the list goes on). The neocons are the fools with
planks in their eyes trying to pull the spect out of Obama’s eyes. The
biggest joke yet is that there is not a world of difference between
these candidates, but pretend like there is. Again, I think it boils
down to race. That and this godless obsession (idolatry) of the failed
republican party that is ever bit as corrupt, if not more so, than the
democrat party. It is the republicans that has usurped our constitution
faster than any liberal. At least democrats have opposition, republicans
don’t. Also if the democrats were any better wouldn’t they do something
about the republican corruption? This proves that both are the same.
Hillary has even talked about continuing this war. What do liberals have
to say about that? Still think they are any different?

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