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A Testimony of Jesus Christ: Millennial Sacrifices

Posted by soldierservant on April 29, 2008

This was what I was referring to some time ago when I had questions about
this. It does seem that there will be a reestablishment of sacrifices in
the new millennium. But this is not to be confused with that dual
covenant theology because this is in the future and not now. Nor does it
replace Christ but done in rememberance. The whole endtimes/rapture
subject gets really confusing. You get both extremes; those who think
they will escape the tribulation that Jesus himself promised, and those
who who don’t believe pretrib rapture but also don’t believe in the
literal 1,000 year reign of Christ. Of course you are aware of the
scriptures used by the pretrib rapture people,Rev.3:10, |Thess.4:16, and
so on. None of these verses tell exactly when this will happen. Because
all the charlatan preachers seem to be 100% pretrib is very telling that
it is a false assumption and not biblical at all. I also see the fruit
of their divisiveness because they label anyone who don’t believe as
they do as anti-rapture, which is a total lie. I know there is a rapture
because there are so many scriptures to back it up but they do not say
before tribulation. I also know the excuse they use for those who face
hardships. They say it is those who are converted to Christ after the
rapture, but if the Holy Spirit is taken from the earth in that time
then how can anyone be saved? No one can come to God lest He draw them.
Also Jesus would have made it clear if that was the case. He would’ve
said that the remaining believers who didn’t make the rapture would face
persecution, but he doesn’t. Also how can there be a great falling away
from the faith if all the christians are raptured? You mean they’d have
us believe that those who get saved after the rapture will fall away?
That makes no sense at all. But I also believe in a literal 1,000 year
reign of Christ because of all the exclusive details limited to that
period, such as the reestablished sacrifices, which are not being done
now. Amillenialists believe that 1,000 years is figurative and that
Satan is locked up now. What do you believe about Christ’s millenial
reign? But of course like all the godless hypocrites they love to
condemn all to hell that don’t believe as they do. That is not in the
spirit of Christ and is a hateful divisive spirit. These hateful
divisive neocon religious right get what they deserve in a divisive
McCain, They are reaping what they sow. I don’t condemn any for what
they believe about the rapture or the new millennium, but where their
heart is at. Hey, I have no problem being raptured before the
tribulation, if there is any truth to that because the sooner I can be
with Christ the better. But those who teach such is obvious as to what
motivates them. I don’t even know if they themselves truly beleve it,
since many are imposters, but I bet it makes them a lot of $$$$. But
just what I gather from Matt.24:50-51 almost seems to indicate a rapture
of hypocrites to judgment. I know you never hear this anywhere and
cannot understand why this is never discussed anywhere. I look all
through the internet and cannot really find anything substantiative on
the subject. They just generalize about judgment of the wicked. That
will not happen till the battle of Armageddon, so there is no rapture of
the wicked as is defined by those given over to the BEAST and with his
mark. Jesus was talking about the wicked servant. Well we know that the
lost are no servants of Christ so that would not apply to them. This is
what must be the removal of the tares. This is supposedly before the
rapture of the true saints. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, seems to get
this. Whenever they talk about the tares they generalize that as the
lost, but that scripture is clear that it is NOT. Same thing about the
separating of the sheep from the goats in Matt.25. That is not talking
about separating christians from heathens but separating the true saints
from the false saints. Maybe the rapture will be both and when the
separation occurs. But even in this gets confusing. Like do the goats
take the mark of the beast. Maybe one doesn’t have to take the mark to
be damned because why would there be those who think they are saved as
in Matt.7:21-23 if they had taken the mark? This scripture even points
out that just using Jesus name in performing miracles will not save them
because of their wicked hearts and deeds. That is how these goats have
everyone fooled because people are simpleminded and think that anyone
that uses Jesus name must be genuine. Also those who take the mark would
not be able to use Jesus name. At least I would think so. And when Jesus
shows up at the second coming the wicked will mourn and be in fear. Well
it seems apparent that hypocrites are deceived all the way up to the
time of their judgment when they plead before him. Even the wicked know
when their time is up but the hypocrites don’t. But like about the place
in Revelation when the fifth seal is broken those demonic locusts from
the ABYSS are given the command to only attack those who do not have the
seal of God on their foreheads. It didn’t say to attack those with the
mark of the beast. I also noticed that in the description says that they
were like horses ready for battle, but it really doesn’t say they are
the size of horses even though that is what is commonly perceived. Just
like in aquatic marine life there are seahorses, which are nowhere near
the size of real horses. But still even at the size of regular locusts
would be a really odd phenomenon and what they do, but yet there are
some who think that the sixth seal has already been broken. How so if
the fifth has not been broken yet? Also some say that the Abyss is a
watery pit. Well these locust creatures are not coming from the water.
Smoke doesn’t come from water. Well I know this all gets confusing and
sorry if I burdened you with all this. It is just amazing that nobody
can seem to take God’s word for what it says and always have to put
their spin on it. Is there no fear of God among those who claim to be

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