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Jack Van Impe – Confused Prophet

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

It sounds like he is also accepting muslims. I just recently seen one of
his shows and was almost basically predicting 2012 as the date for the
rapture. He wasn’t official about it, but hinted in a sly way. Of course
the reason he doesn’t want to say is in order to sell his dvd on the
subject. It wouldn’t be worth the material they used in making it. These
hypocrites just really don’t know when to stop. He made a fool out of
himself when he predicted that Y2K was the end. Talk about seared
conscience. Jesus said that he was coming back when least expected. Well
everyone expects 2012 because of all the hype surrounding that date.
There are probably those who think they can live it up in sin until that

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